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Mischiefs of Faction

Mischiefs of Faction

This post is part of Mischiefs of Faction, an independent political science blog featuring reflections on the party system.

Six political scientists react to the first Democratic primary debates

Technology and transparency: the path to a modern Congress?

Brazil’s Bolsonaro took a page from US politics by dangling the possibility of an evangelical Supreme Court Justice

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Why everyone runs for president these days

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Venezuela’s uprising shows the potential dangers of a civilian-military alliance

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Evangelicals are now the key constituency in the Republican Party. They are reaping the benefits.

The scientific maneuver Mueller used that implicates the president

Who wants to pay taxes?

What is polarizing legislatures? Probably not what you think.

The Constitution’s “natural-born” defect

The Constitution doesn’t say enough about limiting executive power

The Senate is a much bigger problem than the Electoral College

How powerful is the US president?

Changing the Constitution without amending it: the National Popular Vote story

Which parts of the US Constitution have aged least well?

What makes Wisconsin swing?

The next Democratic president will need to do more than reject Trump

An actor declared himself president of Brazil. It’s exposed some real divides within the country’s left.

Republicans don’t like the National Science Foundation, and there’s a perfectly good reason for it

What Hickenlooper brings to the table

Will evangelical legislators go along with the rightist agenda of Brazil’s Bolsonaro?

What does authoritarianism have to do with Venezuela’s food fight? Everything.

Why politicians rarely resign

2019 has been Trump’s most disjunctive year yet. And it’s only February.

What LBJ can teach new Congress members about gaining power in the House

Brazil’s Bolsonaro moves to expand gun rights

Trump’s shutdown tactics borrow from the Freedom Caucus

Congress finally stands up for itself

The 2020 invisible primary in light of 2016

Ballots and bullets: what we learned in 2018

Democratic activists haven’t decided on a 2020 candidate

Death of a statesman: George H.W. Bush’s legacy

Pelosi won her party’s vote to be speaker. But can she win the vote on the House floor?

Democrats in 2020 don’t have the Republican safety margin