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Apr 19, 2018, 10:20am EDT
  • March 17, 2020

    The Latino vote won’t rescue Bernie Sanders in Florida

    Sanders has relied on Latinos for key wins in early-voting states. But they won’t help him in Florida.

  • October 3, 2018

    The charisma-free, extremely expensive Florida Senate race, explained

    Rick Scott vs. Bill Nelson could be one of the most expensive campaigns in 2018.

  • August 30, 2018

    Live results for Tuesday’s Oklahoma primaries runoff

    A key races for governor is on the ballot in Tuesday’s Oklahoma runoff primary.

  • August 30, 2018

    Live results for Tuesday’s Arizona primaries

    Key races for House and Senate are on the ballot in Tuesday’s Arizona primaries.

  • August 30, 2018

    Live results for Tuesday’s Florida primaries

    Key races for House and Senate are on the ballot in Tuesday’s Florida primaries.

  • August 30, 2018

    Polling got Andrew Gillum’s victory in Florida very wrong. 8 experts on how that happened.

    Pollsters likely miscalculated who was going to turn out.

  • August 29, 2018

    4 winners and 1 loser from primary elections in Florida, Arizona, and Oklahoma

    A shocking win, and some weird soccer.

  • August 29, 2018

    Andrew Gillum wins Florida governor primary in upset victory for the left

    The Tallahassee mayor will be the Democratic nominee in one of 2018’s most important governor’s races.

  • August 29, 2018

    Martha McSally is the rare Republican woman putting gender at the forefront of her campaign

    Others in the GOP have sidestepped the issue.

  • August 28, 2018

    “McCain in a skirt”: Republicans are looking to the establishment to save a Senate seat in Arizona

    Rep. Martha McSally is poised to beat out two Trumpier options for the nomination.

  • August 28, 2018

    McCain is hanging over Arizona’s primaries, even though his seat isn’t on the ballot

    John McCain looms large in the political futures of Martha McSally, Doug Ducey, and Kyrsten Sinema.

  • August 28, 2018

    Why Democrats are worried the “blue wave” might stop short of Florida

    Florida’s demographics are shifting. But it’s not turning the state completely blue.

  • August 28, 2018

    2018’s single most important governor’s race is in Florida

    Ron DeSantis vs. Adam Putnam and Gwen Graham vs. the field in the Sunshine State’s primary elections.

  • August 24, 2018

    Joe Arpaio’s last stand

    The former Maricopa County sheriff is about to lose a race as Arizona shows signs of turning blue.

  • August 20, 2018

    Arizona’s Kelli Ward is campaigning with an alt-right troll to prove her love for Trump

    She’s hitting the road with Pizzagate propagator Mike Cernovich.

  • April 19, 2018

    New poll shows Democrat leading in every Arizona Senate matchup

    Kyrsten Sinema is polling ahead of Republicans Martha McSally, Kelli Ward, and Joe Arpaio.