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Midterm Elections 2018

Coverage of the 2018 midterm elections: the House, Senate, ballot initiatives, and more.

The special election in a scandal-plagued North Carolina House district, explained

Young people, women, voters in cities: how Democrats won in 2018, by the numbers

Watch: Netflix’s Knock Down the House trailer is here to make politics feel a little more hopeful

A court just blocked Wisconsin Republicans’ lame-duck power grab

House Democrats have launched an investigation into voter suppression in Georgia

Republican operative indicted in ballot fraud scandal that led to new House election

Republican Mark Harris won’t run again after new House election called in ballot fraud case

North Carolina elections board orders new House election after ballot tampering scandal

North Carolina’s election fraud scandal is heading toward a dramatic resolution

How Republicans turned voter suppression into a high art

Judge refuses to certify GOP victory in contested North Carolina Congress race

Federal judge strikes down Wisconsin Republicans’ lame-duck early voting rollbacks

Why the suburbs abandoned Republicans in 2018

Court dissolves North Carolina elections board with election fraud scandal still under investigation

More evidence piles up in North Carolina GOP election fraud scandal

Republican Martha McSally lost Arizona’s Senate race. She’s being appointed to the Senate anyway.

How Republicans are trying to strip power from Democratic governors-elect

North Carolina GOP admits a new House election is probably needed after election fraud scandal

House Republicans don’t agree on why they lost the 2018 midterms

There’s election fraud in North Carolina. That’s not the same thing as voter fraud.

The 2018 midterms had the highest turnout since before World War I

The somewhat absurd controversy over Maine’s ranked-choice voting system, explained

What we know about the alleged election fraud plot in North Carolina

Republican Brad Raffensperger wins Georgia secretary of state runoff

Live results for Georgia’s secretary of state election

The Georgia secretary of state runoff election, explained

The bizarre allegations of ballot tampering in one of 2018’s closest House elections

Brenda Snipes says she won’t resign as Broward County election supervisor after all

How Kevin McCarthy led California Republicans astray

Why racist politics appeals to white women, explained by American history

Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith wins Mississippi Senate election

Live results for the Mississippi Senate election

Mike Espy’s path to an upset victory in the Mississippi Senate runoff

Democrats could pull off another Senate upset this week in Mississippi

All the House seats Democrats have flipped in the 2018 elections

The data is clear: nobody actually fights about politics at Thanksgiving dinner

Bernie Sanders’s new plan to bring down drug prices, briefly explained

Martha McSally just lost the Arizona Senate race. She could still be a senator next year.

Cindy Hyde-Smith called for a “front row” seat at a lynching. Now donors want their money back.

2018’s record-setting voter turnout, in one chart