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Big Tech is so big it doesn’t need its founders anymore

How your browser can make your online life a little more private

Trump issued an executive order effectively banning TikTok if it doesn’t sell in the next 45 days

Last week the US wanted to break up Big Tech. Now it’s trying to supersize it.

Microsoft’s astonishing climate change goals, explained

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What comes after Zoom fatigue

It looks like we’re stuck with video chat. Is that such a bad thing?

Microsoft, Google, and Zoom are trying to keep up with demand for their now free work-from-home software

Alexa records you more often than you think

Antitrust officials ordered Facebook, Amazon, and others to disclose 10 years of merger docs

Amazon lost a $10 billion Pentagon contract to Microsoft. Now it’s blaming President Trump directly.

Why the government is investigating Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook for antitrust — but not Microsoft

Startups still love Slack but big companies are bailing

Every tech company should “work together and fix things,” says Microsoft President Brad Smith

Microsoft wants to build artificial general intelligence: an AI better than humans at everything

Microsoft might crush Slack like Facebook crushed Snapchat

Tech billionaires who donate millions are just “bribing society at large,” Anand Giridharadas says

Why is LinkedIn producing original journalism? LinkedIn editor-at-large Jessi Hempel explains.

Microsoft workers are demanding the company cancel its $480 million contract with the US military

The government is using the wrong data to make crucial decisions about the internet

“Venture capital money kills more businesses than it helps,” says Basecamp CEO Jason Fried

Is being woke the business strategy of 2019?

Microsoft is more valuable than Apple again. Why?

Who could buy Discord? Acquirers have been giving the gaming startup a long look.

Microsoft’s president says we need to regulate facial recognition tech before ‘the year 2024 looks like the book “1984”’

Paul Allen’s sister has been tasked to do a surprisingly hard thing: Give away billions of dollars

Big data could ‘stop famines from ever happening again,’ says World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim

If you can quit social media, but don’t, then you’re part of the problem, Jaron Lanier says

With GitHub, Microsoft is buying a crucial part of the software ecosystem

Full video and transcript: Microsoft President Brad Smith at Code 2018

Microsoft executive Brad Smith: ‘If you create tech that changes the world, the world is going to want to govern you.’

Full transcript: ‘Microtrends’ author and political strategist Mark Penn on Recode Decode

Microsoft’s John Thompson is going to help venture capital firm Lightspeed find some deals

This is how Facebook’s record lobbying spending compares to other tech companies

Twitter, Google and Facebook have banned cryptocurrency ads — but these networks still haven’t

Google, Amazon and Microsoft cloud businesses helped more than double spending on data centers last year

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Satya Nadella is giving Microsoft a much needed reboot

Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. This is how he gives away his billions.

It’s been 10 years since Microsoft invested in Facebook — now Facebook is worth almost as much as Microsoft

Microsoft and the Green Bay Packers want to score some innovation via a $10 million venture effort

Microsoft is reviewing its records for signs of potential Russian meddling during the 2016 election

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