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How Snapchat became the forgotten social platform

Your Slack DMs aren’t as private as you think

Why right-wing extremists’ favorite new platform is so dangerous

What is Signal, and why is everybody downloading it right now?

This could be the beginning of the end for Facebook’s social network

Mark Zuckerberg believes Facebook’s future is private messaging

WhatsApp is at risk in India. So are free speech and encryption.

Facebook is still trying to figure out what teens are interested in

Facebook is in trouble for secretly breaking Apple’s rules. But what it’s doing out in the open is way worse.

WhatsApp is fighting fake news by limiting its virality. Could Facebook and Twitter do the same?

Full Q&A: Casey Newton and Louie Swisher on the 300th episode of Recode Decode

Now Facebook is putting autoplay video ads inside Messenger

WhatsApp has a new boss: Chris Daniels, the guy who’s been running Facebook’s

Facebook is launching a new team dedicated to the blockchain. Messenger’s David Marcus is going to run it.

Snapchat is rolling out group video chats like Messenger and Houseparty

BlackBerry is suing Facebook for patent infringement, and Facebook ‘intends to fight’

Snap is making it easier for people to watch Snapchat videos, even if they don’t have an account

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Ma Huateng’s WeChat is China’s one true operating system

Facebook has a team of around 100 employees building products for teens and kids

Facebook built a version of Messenger specifically for children

With Snapchat’s new redesign, the company is betting that users want intimacy versus popularity

Here’s how to use the newly redesigned Snapchat (Hint: It’s not as hard)

Facebook admits Russia agents used Messenger to disrupt U.S. presidential election

AOL’s instant messenger service still has (had) an audience of 500,000 a month

WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton is leaving the company to start his own foundation

Facebook acquired an AI startup to help Messenger build out its personal assistant

Mark Zuckerberg said he wants to push more quickly into advertising on Messenger, and Wall Street got a little too excited

WhatsApp is building out its business team to start bringing in revenue

Facebook says all advertisers can soon buy ads inside Messenger

What’s next for bots on Facebook Messenger? Maybe helping companies sell.

Snapchat messages won’t always disappear as fast as they used to

Here’s why Facebook Messenger isn’t building a voice-controlled assistant like Alexa or Siri

A messaging startup used by White House staff is getting sued for allegedly not being as secure as it promises

Here are all the new products Facebook announced at F8

Messenger is finally making it easier to find and use bots

Facebook’s big F8 developer conference is this week: Here’s what to expect

Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion users and is now twice the size of Instagram

Facebook’s business model for Messenger won’t be payments and commerce after all

Facebook is using AI in private messages to suggest an Uber or remind you to pay a friend

Facebook’s new features like Messenger Day are distracting and obtrusive