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Mental Health

Why are anxiety and depression rates rising? Which self-care trends are worth your time and money? Vox's coverage of mental health and wellness.

A guide to starting your mental health journey

Living in an abortion ban state is bad for mental health

How to handle the winter blues, no matter where you live

What to do when you’re completely overwhelmed by climate anxiety

Are you catastrophizing? Here’s how to stop assuming the worst.

Psychedelics are outperforming trauma researchers’ expectations. But why?

The complicated lives and deaths of TikTok’s illness influencers

How Black churches could lead the way on teen mental health

Morning light is crucial for happiness. Here’s how to get it — even if you hate mornings.

There’s more than one way to feel lonely

The best advice we got in 2023

Relationships aren’t always going to be totally balanced. That isn’t a bad thing.

Why treatment for severe mental illness looks radically different for rich and poor people

How mindfulness went mainstream

Chatbot therapy is risky. It’s also not useless.

Resilience is invaluable in tough times. Here’s how to build it.

Psychedelics can have enormous benefits, but the risks shouldn’t be ignored

Real mindfulness would transform the economy

How America became a nation of gamblers

How to make school life a little less difficult for kids

Meditation is more than either stress relief or enlightenment

The vital importance of a new pill for postpartum depression

Therapy is health care. So why won’t your health insurance pay for it?

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Why you feel grouchy on super hot days

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The invisible consequences of heat on the body and mind

Anxious about climate change? You’re not alone.

The limits of therapy-speak

The largest psychedelic conference in history is surprisingly sane

A personality test can’t tell you who you are

A guide to meditation for people who think they can’t meditate

The psychedelic renaissance is at risk of missing the bigger picture

How to talk about pregnancy loss

Mental illness is not responsible for America’s guns crisis

The surgeon general says loneliness is as deadly as smoking

Nobody knows what the point of homework is

Conservatives’ war on emotions in the classroom

America’s after-school afterthought

The other long Covid: The damage done to a generation of schoolchildren

John Fetterman is openly discussing his treatment for depression. Few politicians do.

Poor countries are developing a new paradigm of mental health care. America is taking note.

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