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Why the New York Times is buying the Athletic

Ben Smith had one of the coolest jobs in journalism. Now he wants to do something else.

The Elizabeth Holmes saga is far from over

Why is Vox Media buying Group Nine?

BuzzFeed’s a public company. Now what?

How HBO could have become — or bought — Netflix

The Atlantic wants to hire newsletter writers — and it wants their subscribers, too

Republicans are priming their voters to believe the California recall was stolen

Fox News ignores a DC bomb threat inspired by right-wing conspiracy theory culture

Why Newsmax is failing

Why Netflix is getting into games

Don’t be fooled by that viral Hannity clip. Fox News’s Covid-19 coverage is a mess.

What is CNN+ and why would you pay for it?

Facebook wants creators, but YouTube is paying creators much, much more

Tucker Carlson’s NSA spying claims are evidence-free. Republicans are running with them anyway.

BuzzFeed grew up. Now it’s going public.

The glaring problems with Tucker Carlson’s attempt to blame the FBI for the insurrection

Why you can’t write for Bulletin, Facebook’s new Substack clone

Here’s who owns everything in Big Media today

Why Amazon is paying nearly $9 billion for MGM and James Bond

Journalists can tweet about Black Lives Matter but not about Palestine

It never made sense for AT&T to buy WarnerMedia. Now it’s undoing its $100 billion deal.

Apple has an antitrust problem. Here’s one way to solve it.

Twitter makes all of its money from ads. It’s trying to change that.

How subscriptions took over our lives

Apple will let podcasters sell subscriptions and keep a cut for itself

Substack wants to pay you to write about local news

Fox News has become a jobs program for some Trump family members and ex-staffers

Why the defamation lawsuits against Fox News could seriously hurt the company

Fox News’s coverage of Biden’s press conference was hilariously petty

Substack writers are mad at Substack. The problem is money and who’s making it.

TikTok surprises users by making personalized ads mandatory

Hannity says Biden should call Trump and thank him for his Covid-19 response. That’s a stretch.

The problem for Paramount+ (and every other streamer)? Everyone already has Netflix.

Why Fox News is having a day-long meltdown over Dr. Seuss

How YouTube swallowed the world

Rush Limbaugh and the echo chamber that broke American politics

Inside the new $65 million push from progressives to compete with conservative media

Why Spotify wants to work with Joe Rogan, Barack Obama, and … you

Why are mainstream news outlets giving a platform to Republicans who lie about the 2020 election?

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