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Marriage Equality

The US legalized same-sex marriage with a historic ruling in 2015. We track how it's gone since then, as well as efforts for similar rights around the world.

LGBTQ Pride Month, explained

Sarah Sanders is upset because a restaurant wouldn’t serve her. She’s okay with it happening to gays. 

A philosopher makes the case for polyamory

9 questions about gender identity and being transgender you were too embarrassed to ask

How most states allow discrimination against LGBTQ people

Stonewall Inn will be first national monument honoring LGBTQ Americans

More Americans support same-sex marriage, but they’re still freaked out by two men kissing

Agree with Peter Thiel or not, Gawker acted irresponsibly by outing gay people for years

Study finds it really does get better for LGBTQ kids

The Carmichael Show revives, challenges, and reenergizes the Very Special Episode

Are Georgia’s new religious freedom bills anti-LGBTQ? It's complicated.

The bite-sized binge: 31 terrific TV shows you can finish in a weekend or less

Bernie Sanders stood up for gay soldiers — 16 years before "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ended

President Obama just endorsed the most comprehensive LGBTQ rights bill ever

#BeyBeAHERO: Why LGBTQ advocates in Houston are trying to recruit Beyoncé

I spent 11 years in prison. Here’s what I wish I’d known before I got out.

Prison is a time capsule, and other lessons I've learned since being on the outside.

Why Pope Francis's meeting with Kim Davis isn't surprising

Of course Pope Francis met with Kim Davis. Jesus would have.

How Pope Francis brought me back to the Catholic Church

I was raised Catholic. I was a Catholic leader in college. But eight years ago, I left the church in disgust. Now, thanks to Pope Francis, I’m back.

Why Robert Mugabe just shouted "We are not gays" in his UN speech

Shonda Rhimes on how television shames sex and promotes violence

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, explained

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis might go back to jail for interfering with marriage licenses

Pope Francis isn't as progressive on LGBTQ issues as you think

Mike Huckabee literally doesn't understand the 14th Amendment

Fox News's Shepard Smith takes on Kentucky clerk Kim Davis: "Haters are gonna hate"

Watch: Kim Davis rallies supporters as "Eye of the Tiger" blasts in the background

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to be released from jail — on one condition

Meet Jake Sullivan, the man behind hawkish Hillary Clinton's foreign policy

Study: ABC Family and Fox are the most LGBT-friendly networks on television

Republican candidates to Kentucky clerk: Follow the law and marry same-sex couples

How homophobia turned me against my gay mother

You can't live in a society that stigmatizes LGBT families without bringing some of that bias home.

"My name is Rob": This video might change how you think about criminalizing sex work

What this activist learned from 23 years of helping lead LGBTQ legal battles

The controversial federal raid on Rentboy, the biggest gay escort website, explained

Trump numbers soar as he attacks public figures


The unseen face of meth use

John Oliver: Surprise! Discriminating against gay people is still legal in most states.

The White House just appointed its first openly transgender staffer

Tinder’s war with Vanity Fair, explained

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