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Mark Zuckerberg

Why this Facebook scandal is different

It’s getting harder for people to believe that Facebook is a net good for society

What Facebook’s two-year Trump ban does and doesn’t do

Trump is Facebook’s problem, again

Mark Zuckerberg says he’s standing up for you. Yes, you.

How Trump could theoretically get his Facebook back

The political chief at Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy is stepping down

Facebook’s independent oversight board is finally up and running

Mark Zuckerberg is spending millions like never before to overhaul a landmark tax law

America scrambles to take part in the Mark Zuckerberg $250 million gold rush

The Big Tech antitrust report has one big conclusion: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are anti-competitive

Facebook banned violent militia groups. We still found plenty of them on its platform.

Why Facebook is “the front line in fighting hate today”

Why Facebook failed its civil rights audit

Civil rights leaders are still fed up with Facebook over hate speech

Working for Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy isn’t always easy since it means working for Mark Zuckerberg

More than 70 employees at Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy say it needs to change how it deals with race

Facebook still won’t take down politicians’ misleading posts, but it’s trying to register 4 million new voters

“I’m deeply ashamed”: Another Facebook employee resigned in protest over the company’s handling of Trump’s posts

Read the transcript of Mark Zuckerberg’s tense meeting with Facebook employees

Mark Zuckerberg on leaked audio: Trump’s looting and shooting reference “has no history of being read as a dog whistle”

After George Floyd’s death, tech billionaires are wrestling with their responsibilities when it comes to race

Many Facebook employees think the company needs to stand up to Trump now more than ever

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are stepping in on the coronavirus where the government has failed

Facebook is launching a news section — and will pay some publishers millions

Mark Zuckerberg said a lot of nothing in his big speech

Leaked: Mark Zuckerberg threatens “major lawsuit” if President Warren tries to break up Facebook

Journalist Carole Cadwalladr has a question for tech workers: Are you okay with your bosses enabling “techno-fascism”?

Instagram is going to show you even more ads

What two of Facebook’s top executives have to say about tech’s big antitrust moment

Facebook will never strip away Mark Zuckerberg’s power

Don’t break up Facebook — replace Mark Zuckerberg, says former security boss Alex Stamos

Tech billionaires who donate millions are just “bribing society at large,” Anand Giridharadas says

Even Facebook’s co-founder thinks it should be broken up

Facebook’s next move

A $5 billion fine from the FTC is huge — unless you’re Facebook

Why is LinkedIn producing original journalism? LinkedIn editor-at-large Jessi Hempel explains.

How will AI change your life? AI Now Institute founders Kate Crawford and Meredith Whittaker explain.

Mark Zuckerberg wants you — and your government — to help him run Facebook

Facebook employees had access to private passwords for hundreds of millions of people

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