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Marijuana Legalization

Vox's coverage of marijuana legalization as states across the country cross a new frontier in drug policy.

A better way to legalize marijuana

Why we love drugs

The Olympics are stuck in the 1980s on marijuana

Marijuana legalization has won

Our pets are anxious. Is CBD the answer?

Biden’s blunt opposition to marijuana legalization

New Mexico just legalized marijuana

Virginia just legalized marijuana

After New York legalizes marijuana, Schumer eyes federal reform

New York just legalized marijuana

New Jersey just legalized marijuana

He was arrested for marijuana 17 years ago. Now it’s legal. So why is he still guilty of a crime?

As weed hits a cultural tipping point, states face an urgent call to expunge, or erase, minor pot convictions.

The House of Representatives voted to legalize marijuana

The UN now says medical weed is a less dangerous drug

America’s war on drugs has failed. Oregon is showing a way out.

Live results for 2020’s marijuana legalization ballot measures

Election Day was a major rejection of the war on drugs

Voters approve legal marijuana in South Dakota

Montana just voted to legalize marijuana

Arizona failed to legalize marijuana in 2016. But voters just did it in 2020.

New Jersey’s legislature put marijuana legalization on the ballot. Voters just approved it.

Oregon’s ballot measure to decriminalize all drugs, explained

2020’s marijuana legalization ballot measures, explained

Vermont legalizes marijuana sales

Biden’s opposition to marijuana legalization is at odds with most Americans’ views

2020 was supposed to be a big year for marijuana legalization. Then the coronavirus happened.

Virginia just decriminalized marijuana

Virginia is poised to decriminalize marijuana

Marijuana legalization is about to have a huge year

You can now legally buy marijuana in Illinois

You can now legally buy marijuana for recreational use in Michigan

Support for marijuana legalization is at an all-time high in a new poll

A new study found marijuana legalization leads to more problematic use

Bernie Sanders released a plan to legalize marijuana (at 4:20 pm)

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Kamala Harris introduces a bill to decriminalize marijuana

Mark Kleiman, who changed the way we think about crime and drugs, has died at 68

Hawaii has decriminalized marijuana

Illinois just legalized marijuana

New York will expand marijuana decriminalization but falls short of legalization

New York lawmakers are making a last-minute push to legalize marijuana

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