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Maps & Charts

The maps, charts, and graphs that explain the world around us.

These 2 charts explain how racism helped fuel Trump’s victory

How Republicans went from the party of Lincoln to the party of Trump, in 13 maps

One chart that shows how worried the markets are about Donald Trump winning

Electoral College map 2016: make your election result predictions

This “bad” election map? It’s not so bad.

This chart shows the anatomy of the IRS phone scam

How Obamacare has fallen short, in one chart

6 charts that will change how you think about sexual assault in America

21 maps and charts that will change how you think about the election

That viral chart showing a link between mental hospitals and prisons? It’s kind of misleading.

How America became the world's leader in incarceration, in 22 maps and charts

27 charts that will change how you think about the American economy

It’s depressing to look at this chart and then realize why some say Donald Trump won the debate

A map of the most powerful hurricanes in the US since 1950

Watch clean energy costs fall, in one chart

How Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would tax the 1 percent, in one chart

One chart that shows how brutal the Russian air campaign in Aleppo really is

The electric cars available today, how much they cost, and how far they go — in one chart

3 charts that explain the North Korean nuclear tests

Most terrorist attacks in the US are committed by Americans — not foreigners

Trump is clueless about military sexual assault. These 2 charts show how the system really works.

The stark and growing racial divide in American politics, in 2 charts

Someone made a map of the world’s wind. It’s weirdly fun to play around with.

The utter futility of fad diets, in one chart

The falling costs of US solar power, in 7 charts

The ludicrous gulf between our climate change goals and reality, in one chart

Zika in the United States, explained in 9 maps

What to do when your Facebook friend posts something offensive

23 maps that explain how Democrats went from the party of racism to the party of Obama

Broadband speeds around the world, in one map

America’s health care prices are out of control. These 11 charts prove it.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic, explained in 9 maps and charts

Pokémon Go was destined to go viral. These charts explain why.

Brexit, explained in one chart

The effect of the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision, in 2 charts

Before-and-after maps show how freeways transformed America's cities

What makes every Pixar movie tick, in one chart

You can make a map of the US just by plotting this year's mass shootings

The climate fight will be won or lost in India, in 8 charts

Washington, DC, just released the most detailed lead pipe map ever