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Scooter-sharing startup Bird has hired former Lyft policy executive David Estrada to be its chief legal officer

Ride-hail apps like Uber and Lyft generated 65 percent more rides than taxis did in New York in 2017

Lyft says it passed $1 billion in revenue last year — and is growing faster than Uber

Behind the math of MoviePass, the $10-a-month movie subscription service that sounds too good to be true

Lyft considered buying the startup at the center of Alphabet’s suit against Uber

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With the help of Raj Kapoor, Lyft is firing on all cylinders

Lyft gets an investment — from an Uber investor

Why Uber and Volvo are working together: Everyone has to work with everyone to make self-driving work

Lyft’s first international city will be Toronto, Canada

Uber hasn’t recovered its business in San Francisco and New York since #deleteUber

Lyft COO Rex Tibbens is stepping down after more than two years

Masa Son, as he negotiates an Uber deal, is once again floating a possible investment in Lyft instead

Uber’s U.S. sales have recovered after the #deleteUber campaign but Lyft is still gaining

Alphabet is leading a $1 billion round in Lyft that values the company at $11 billion

Lyft’s new in-app navigation for drivers knocks out one more previous Uber advantage

All the ways Lyft and Uber are competing to be the friendlier app for drivers

Lyft riders will be able to hail a semi-autonomous car in the Bay Area by the end of 2017

Uber’s market share has taken a big hit

Full transcript: Lyft Director of Product Taggart Matthiesen on Recode Decode

Lyft will always have human drivers, its self-driving boss says

Lyft saw a 60 percent increase in new users during #deleteUber

Valerie Jarrett, one of President Obama’s longest-serving aides, is joining Lyft’s board

Lyft wants more leverage in the self-driving ecosystem so it’s building its own tech

Uber’s lead over Lyft app downloads is declining

Lyft is working with a third self-driving tech company

Lyft just published its first diversity report and it’s not much better than Uber’s

Though demand for UberBlack has dropped, Lyft launched its own luxury service in SF, LA and NY

How Uber’s funding and valuation stack up against competitors like Didi and Lyft

Alphabet’s self-driving unit Waymo is teaming up with Lyft

Lyft just closed a $600 million round of new funding

Lyft is valued at $7.5 billion after raising a $500 million round

Tech companies are bracing for a #DayWithoutAWoman

Actually, Uber’s PR disasters aren’t that great for Lyft

Lyft has hired the head of Google Street View to lead its mapping team

When will self-driving cars be everywhere?

Lyft thinks the answer to easing traffic is to carpool or pay up

Lyft is on track to turn a profit, but will need to spend more to add riders and drivers as it expands

Ride-hail’s next battleground in the fight for passengers: Inside the car

Here’s another way Lyft is trying to make itself different from Uber

Ben Horowitz joined Lyft’s board of directors

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