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Layoffs are making LinkedIn the new hot social network

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This billionaire built a big-money machine to oust Trump. Why do some Democrats hate him?

Why is LinkedIn producing original journalism? LinkedIn editor-at-large Jessi Hempel explains.

If you can quit social media, but don’t, then you’re part of the problem, Jaron Lanier says

Is ‘Uber meets Harvard’ the future of learning?

Full transcript: LinkedIn co-founder and Greylock partner Reid Hoffman on Recode Decode

How LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman would fix social media

LinkedIn is finally selling autoplay video ads

Marc Andreessen and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman at Code

LinkedIn is rolling out a trending topics section

Facebook is rolling out job postings and applications

LinkedIn wants more ad dollars, so it’s offering up more user data to advertisers

LinkedIn’s and eBay’s founders are donating $20 million to protect us from artificial intelligence

The Russian government has demanded Apple and Google remove LinkedIn from their app stores

Why is there no fake news on LinkedIn? Listen to its editor explain.

LinkedIn’s CEO says the U.S. cares too much about four-year college degrees

Marc Benioff says companies buy each other for the data, and the government isn’t doing anything about it

How much money do you make? LinkedIn wants to know.

LinkedIn’s workforce is a little more diverse than it was a year ago

Want a new job? You can now say so on your LinkedIn profile.

CEO Jeff Weiner will talk about LinkedIn’s $26 billion sale to Microsoft and more at November’s Code Enterprise conference

LinkedIn is bringing courses to its news feed and building a messaging bot

LinkedIn finally built a video feature, but only for its influential users

Salesforce CEO told LinkedIn he would have paid much more than Microsoft

Google just scored a bunch of new property to make its crazy dream campus come true

The tick-tock story of how LinkedIn shopped itself to Microsoft, Salesforce and Google

Google and Facebook also looked at buying LinkedIn

Microsoft didn’t have the highest bid for LinkedIn, but its $26 billion in cash won out

Seven ways Obama can get the most out of joining LinkedIn

Salesforce also made a bid for LinkedIn, CEO Benioff confirms

$26 billion and the incalculable value of LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman is likely to get a Microsoft board seat

LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner says he’s at Microsoft for the long haul, though some in Silicon Valley beg to differ

Here are three scary reasons why LinkedIn sold to Microsoft for $26 billion

Microsoft’s Nadella says LinkedIn will get the hands-off treatment: “We absolutely want to approach it differently.”

Here’s what the Microsoft CEO and the LinkedIn CEO are telling their staffs about the acquisition

Does the LinkedIn sale put Twitter in play? Yes, it does.

Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

LinkedIn shares soar after big Q1 beat

LinkedIn built a new app for college kids