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Understanding the world isn't just about explaining the news. Vox's coverage examining religion, love, family, careers, and how we live.

The “You’re doing it wrong”-ification of TikTok

The Broadway musical getting protested by neo-Nazis

9 questions about Ramadan you were too embarrassed to ask

The beginner’s guide to bird-watching

J.K. Rowling’s transphobia: A history

A new Supreme Court case could be the most important transgender rights decision ever

The GOP’s coordinated national campaign against trans rights, explained

Money Talks: The parents selling clothes their kid will actually wear

Why daylight saving is so hard on the body — and what to do about it

Everyone messes up. Here’s how to say you’re sorry.

Money Talks: The identical twins running a hometown business

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What’s the future of Black horror?

Tax pro-approved tips to make filing (a little) easier

How (and why) to stop holding a grudge

How crypto failed Black investors

This Penn professor has been offending minorities for years. Will tenure save her?

How to cook and eat well when food is more expensive than ever

How to get over a breakup — no matter which side of it you’re on

The sleep advice no one tells you

Men have fewer friends than ever, and it’s harming their health

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Welcome to the Friendship Issue of the Highlight

Inside this issue: The state of American friendship, its radical power, and advice for small talk and making your social battery work for you, even if you’re an introvert.

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Too many Americans live in places built for cars — not for human connection

How urban planning contributed to the great undoing of modern friendship.

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How to make small talk when you hate small talk

In defense of the much-maligned conversational form.

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The radical political power of friendship

It can help us push back against tyranny. Philosopher Hannah Arendt’s legendary cocktail parties were proof.

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So you want to end a friendship. Here’s what to consider.

Platonic breakups can be just as painful as romantic ones.

Vox’s August Highlight Issue Explores the State of Modern American Friendship

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Why friendship is different than any other relationship we have

As its role in society recedes, Vox asked six people to tell us why their friendship matters — and may just be the most meaningful relationship of their lives.

Self-compassion makes you a better person. Here’s how to practice it.

We’re battling a sleep loss epidemic. California has a plan to fight it.

Emotional exhaustion is real. Your friendships don’t need to suffer.

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What it would take to make us love our jobs again

Recognizing that many of us find purpose in what we do is a good start.

How to handle a lopsided friendship

Covid-19 safety doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Here’s how to think about it going forward.

How to keep money from tearing your friendships apart

The pandemic has created a nation of insomniacs

The case for sleeping in separate beds

Boxing Day, explained

Self-care at the end of the world

From BTS fandom to video games: How 4 new friendships formed during lockdown

Friendships are crucial to survive the isolation of the coronavirus pandemic. Why do they feel so hard?