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A place for news and opinions on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning communities.

Why police often single out trans people for violence

LGBTQ immigrants talk about waiting on 2 life-changing Supreme Court decisions

Three immigrants on identifying as LGBTQ, living with DACA status, and the change they’re seeking.

The Supreme Court’s new decision could sink Trump’s anti-LGBTQ agenda

The Supreme Court has given trans people reason to hope again

The Supreme Court’s landmark LGBTQ rights decision, explained in 5 simple sentences

The Trump administration will now allow doctors to discriminate against LGBTQ people

Harry Potter and the Author Who Failed Us

The Supreme Court normally hands down its biggest cases in June. Here’s what to expect.

A brutal video shows a black trans woman getting beat up by dozens of men

LGBTQ people need queer spaces. The coronavirus has locked them out.

The Navy grants the first exception to Trump’s transgender military ban

Aimee Stephens, who brought the first major trans rights case to the Supreme Court, has died

What will Pride mean this year?

I want to donate plasma for an experimental Covid-19 treatment. Because of homophobia, I can’t.

Coronavirus isn’t transphobic. But America’s economic and health systems are.

As the coronavirus pandemic deepens, Idaho’s governor signs 2 anti-trans bills into law

Republicans are using the pandemic to push anti-abortion and anti-trans agendas

Campuses shutter for coronavirus, leaving some LGBTQ students with nowhere to go

While the country deals with the coronavirus, Idaho state legislators prioritize banning trans athletes

As field winnows, Sanders and Biden make a play for LGBTQ voters

LGBTQ voters turned out in record numbers on Super Tuesday

Pete Buttigieg’s candidacy meant a lot to LGBTQ Christians like me

Pete Buttigieg’s attack on “revolution politics” seemed to denounce what made his candidacy possible

Nonbinary people could get a gender-neutral passport under new legislation

The fight over whether religion is a license to discriminate is back before the Supreme Court

The Assimilationist, or: On the unexpected cost of passing as a trans woman

Dwyane Wade’s unflinching support of his trans daughter is a turning point

Utah’s “conversion therapy” ban is a major tipping point for LGBTQ rights

Why Republicans are suddenly in a rush to regulate every trans kid’s puberty

What a stripper pole controversy says about the Buttigieg campaign

San Francisco Pride members voted to ban Google and YouTube from their parade

Trump judge lashes out at a transgender litigant in a surprisingly cruel opinion

My wife and I did an interview about a TV show. It changed how we thought about our marriage.

J.K. Rowling’s latest tweet seems like transphobic BS. Her fans are heartbroken.

The past, present, and future of the singular “they”

Republicans are introducing a new compromise LGBTQ rights bill. But everyone already hates it.

Utah boy with 2 dads faced homophobic screed from teacher, students say

How queer and trans people are turning the internet into a safe holiday space

What the battle over a 7-year-old trans girl could mean for families nationwide

A new poll finds strong support for the Supreme Court ending LGBTQ discrimination

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