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Suddenly, every fictional character is a podcaster. Why aren’t they doing it right?

The Bros and cons of being a huge, gay Hollywood rom-com

Hurricane Ian’s rapid intensification is a sign of the world to come

What do true crime series like Dahmer owe the victims?

Pop culture loves gender war stories. They leave something out.

House of the Dragon gives us a time jump, a season reset, and two horrible childbirths

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House of the Dragon and the Targaryen family, explained

HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel reveals a period of turbulence and upheaval for Daenerys’s formidable family.

Mandatory overtime is garbage

The profound pessimism of Clarence Thomas

House of the Dragon’s green dress signals a major series turning point

The racist backlash to The Little Mermaid and Lord of The Rings is exhausting and extremely predictable

Blowtorching spotted lanternflies is, in fact, a bad idea

Are weather apps lying? The truth is in the dew point.

What’s at stake in the freight rail labor fight

Work sucks when you’re the only one left

House of the Dragon’s moral lesson of the week: Sex is always political

Does Taylor Swift want an Oscar? Perhaps (ahem) All Too Well.

A new book claims Trump’s efforts to politicize the Justice Department were worse than we knew

In House of the Dragon, the king’s weakness is everyone’s loss

House of the Dragon continues to expose the misogyny of Westeros

Is it safe to toss a Targaryen dragon egg? An eggspert weighs in.

Why we keep falling for fitness fads

What if your financial future wasn’t stressful? 

The two big pandemic investments we still need to make

Let’s talk about House of the Dragon’s brutal childbirth scene

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This Targaryen family tree explains Jon Snow’s parentage — and sets up House of the Dragon

To understand what the Trump investigation might do to America, look at Israel

Setting boundaries is more than just saying “no”

Netflix’s smash-hit romance Purple Hearts is a political hate-watch

Anal and oral sex spread monkeypox. Let’s talk about it.

Ezra Miller — and their recent volatility — explained

Trump is pushing us toward the abyss

The “Dark Brandon” meme — and why it’s so confusing — explained

How to define success on your own terms

Is a payment plan for that new jacket a good idea?

The Republican response to the Mar-a-Lago raid should scare you

Viktor Orbán laid out his dark worldview to the American right — and they loved it

New to activism? Here’s where to start.

The ludicrous idea that Trump is losing his grip on the GOP

The inflation prices that broke us