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New music for you: Joan Shelley performs her song "Not Over By Half" at Pickathon's Pumphouse

Joan Shelley & Nathan Salsburg
Joan Shelley & Nathan Salsburg
(Briana Cerezo)

Once a month (or so) since October 2015, I've brought you an episode of the Pickathon Pumphouse Series, filmed in the tiny Pumphouse studio on the grounds of the Pickathon music festival in Happy Valley, Oregon, by Live & Breathing. For more on the festival and the series, see this post.

This is the finale — the end of this series of videos from the 2015 festival. Pickathon 2016 starts on Friday (lineup; tickets). See you there!

pickathon pumphouse series

This last episode of the season brings us a performance from Joan Shelley, a singer-songwriter who has been putting out albums since 2012.

Shelley’s music carries echoes of greats like Joni Mitchell and Kate Wolf, but also of contemporaries in the ongoing folk revival (e.g., Laura Marling). It’s a nice mix of British and American folk influences — gorgeous and unadorned, just two guitars and Shelley’s hypnotic voice.

Here she is with guitarist Nathan Salsburg (who collaborated with her on her new album Over and Even) doing her song "Not Over By Half."

Good stuff.

(As a side gig, Shelley also records and tours with the old-timey trio Maiden Radio.)