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New music for you: the Brothers Comatose play their song "Tops of the Trees" at Pickathon's Pumphouse

Ben Morrison, of The Brothers Comatose
Ben Morrison, of the Brothers Comatose.
Briana Cerezo

Once a month (or so), I'm bringing you an episode of the Pickathon Pumphouse Series, filmed in the tiny Pumphouse studio on the grounds of the Pickathon music festival in Happy Valley, Oregon, by Live & Breathing. For more on the festival and the series, see this post.

The Pickathon 2016 final schedule has been announced. You can buy your tickets here.

pickathon pumphouse series

Today's episode brings a performance from the Brothers Comatose, a San Francisco band led by brothers Ben and Alex Morrison (guitar and banjo, respectively, sharing lead vocals).

The band has been around since 2010. Their third album, City Painted Gold, was released earlier this year on Swamp Jam Records.

The brothers grew up listening to their mom sing in a folk quartet. Eventually they picked up instruments too, starting with rock but gravitating over time to a kind of harmony-drenched Americana.

I am a great lover of harmony-drenched Americana, and I hadn't heard of this band, so this is an exciting discovery for me as well!

Here they are playing their song "Tops of the Trees," from the new album:

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