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American democracy is under threat. But what is that threat, exactly?

The never-ending suffering of the legacyquel

Peloton’s big whoops

The voting rights push in Congress is over. The fight for democracy isn’t.

Wordle is a deceptively easy game for burnt-out pandemic shut-ins

The world has moved on from Colleyville. American Jews can’t.

One Good Thing: ABC’s Abbott Elementary breathes new life into the mockumentary

TV’s buzziest shows aren’t trying to trick viewers anymore

The intimacy of the TV star death

The lesson America refuses to learn about Covid-19 and the economy

Virtual reality is reality, too

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After the Beanie Baby bubble burst

What happens when the frenzy ends and the world doesn’t value your valuables?

In Station Eleven, the end of the world is a vibrant, lush green

Colors: Where did they go? An investigation.

The hollowness of Biden’s January 6 speech

How to stop Trump from stealing the election next time

January 6 should’ve moderated the GOP. It did the opposite.

How does this end?

Here are the 9 most interesting conversations I had in 2021

Money has never felt more fake

How 7 people spent their money when they didn’t have to pay student loans

The very best TV show of 2021

11 epic mysteries scientists totally can’t solve

Too many movies right now are “about trauma.” The Matrix Resurrections actually does the work.

The world’s largest space telescope is set to launch on Christmas. Here’s how to watch.

The 12 Days of Christmas: The story behind the holiday’s most annoying carol

The Matrix: Refresher

Why The Matrix never stopped being relevant

Is Jeremy Strong the bad art friend?

Joe Manchin cancels Build Back Better’s Christmas party

Station Eleven made me want to live in the post-apocalypse

The January 6 committee’s showdown with Mark Meadows, explained

January 6 texts from Fox hosts reveal the lie at the heart of the conservative movement

Nothing changed and everything changed in Succession’s third season

American democracy is tottering. It’s not clear Americans care.

Let Succession be ambiguous

Did Democrats blow it on Roe v. Wade?

The US needs a clear Covid-19 goal now more than ever

Venus could have been a paradise but turned into a hellscape. Earthlings, pay attention.

Psychiatrists are uncovering connections between viruses and mental health. They’re surprising.