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Land of the Giants

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Season 7 | Land of the Giants: The Twitter Fantasy will tell the story of Twitter (now X) at a crucial moment for the platform, exactly one year after Elon Musk took over. Hosted by Vox senior correspondent Peter Kafka, the four-episode season will survey the company’s outsize influence on politics and culture. How did Twitter become the internet’s town square, for better and for worse? And where is it heading, now that Elon’s in charge?

Season 6 | In Land of the Giants: The Facebook/Meta Disruption, senior reporters Shirin Ghaffary and Alex Heath bring us inside the company formerly known as Facebook during an unprecedented moment of transition. Now Meta, the company that defined social connection, community, and identity on the web has rebranded itself and is seeking to control the future of social experience in the metaverse. As its famous founder Mark Zuckerberg looks ahead, we ask how Facebook impacts our relationships, the social infrastructure of the web, and — even in a moment of vulnerability — still shapes lives across the globe?

Season 5 | In Land of the Giants: The Apple Revolution, Recode’s Peter Kafka explores the company that changed what a computer is — and then changed what a phone is. From its beginnings as a niche personal computer company, Apple became the preeminent maker of consumer tech products, a cultural trendsetter, and the most valuable company in the world. And along the way, it changed the way we live. New episodes come out on Wednesdays starting September 22, 2021.

Season 4 | Big Tech is changing every aspect of our world. But how? And at what cost? In this special four-part series Land of the Giants: Delivery Wars, Recode teams up with Eater to unbox the evolving world of food delivery. Find out how the rise of investor-backed third-party delivery apps has dramatically changed consumer behavior, helped create a modern gig workforce, disrupted small businesses, and potentially changed our relationship with food forever. From Recode, Eater, and the Vox Media Podcast Network, and hosted by Ahmed Ali Akbar.

Season 3 | In Land of the Giants: The Google Empire, Recode’s Shirin Ghaffary and Big Technology’s Alex Kantrowitz explore how a company that began with idealistic goals of creative experimentation and making useful products has evolved into a worldwide power with enormous impact on our lives. Google's dominance in everything from search and online advertising to its YouTube and Android platforms gives it tremendous power and responsibility. But with multiple antitrust cases against it and its own employees rebelling against company decisions, is Google too big for its own good?

Season 2 | In Land of the Giants: The Netflix Effect, Recode’s Peter Kafka and Rani Molla examine how Netflix got where it is today and whether or not it can maintain its streaming supremacy. Hear from Netflix’s founders and top executives as well as its competitors, critics, and more — covering everything from its unusual internal culture to its battle with Blockbuster, its disruption of Hollywood, and the upcoming streaming wars.

Season 1 | In less than two decades, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos scaled an online marketplace for books into the world's most valuable company. But at what cost? From Prime and HQ2, to the growing adoption of smart speakers and home cameras, to increasing scrutiny of Amazon's power and its role in the changing nature of work, Land of the Giants: The Rise of Amazon addresses it all with detailed, thought-provoking, measured reporting from host Jason Del Rey.

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