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The biggest news about labor, jobs, unemployment, and how America works.

Everything you need to know about the UAW strike to look cool at parties

What’s the state of the Hollywood strikes?

The myths we tell ourselves about American farming

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This summer is giving us a glimpse at the dangerous future of work

Nobody wins in the Hollywood strikes, including billion-dollar studios

“Going shopping” is dead

It’s not just famous actors and big-name writers the Hollywood strikes are hurting

Why thousands of LA service workers are on strike

Workers are mad as hell this summer

Telephone operation was a good career for women. Then it got automated.

Teachers are striking for more than just pay raises

Hollywood’s historic double strike, explained

Hollywood is staring down the barrel of a double strike

Why strikes might disrupt your summer Eurotrip

The Republican push to weaken child labor laws, explained

The massive Los Angeles public school worker strike, explained

Stop requiring college degrees for jobs that don’t need them

Child labor protections are the latest Republican target

The five-day workweek is dead

What Michigan Democrats will do now that they control a key swing state

What banning noncompetes could mean for the US workforce

America has an innovation problem. The H-1B visa backlog is making it worse.

Labor exploitation, explained by Minions

The case against SCOTUS

It’s harder than ever to get fired or laid off

A new era for the American worker

What the first Starbucks union means for workers everywhere

Hating work is having a moment

More Americans are taking jobs without employer benefits like health care or paid vacation

The death of the job

What you’ve heard about people quitting their jobs might be wrong

What are you legally allowed to say at work? A group of fired Googlers could change the rules.

What should coal communities do when power plants shut down? Ask Germany.

The Supreme Court showdown over whether colleges should pay their athletes, explained

An unholy union

How Biden can rein in the Big Meat monopoly

The class of 2020 was full of hope. Then the pandemic hit.

Amazon employees fear HR is targeting minority and activism groups in email monitoring program

Poll: Most freelance workers still haven’t gotten unemployment or government loans

A Democratic plan to stretch expanded unemployment insurance through December

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