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Kamala Harris

Vox's home for coverage of the former Presidential candidate and 49th Vice President, Kamala Harris, from her historic role in the Biden administration and more.

The US is telling migrants “don’t come.” They might not be listening.

Joe Biden’s unique Inauguration Day, in photos

Kamala Harris is poised to be a historic — and influential — vice president

Kamala Harris’s Vogue cover controversy, explained

The long list of contenders for Kamala Harris’s Senate seat, explained

Big California donors want to fill Kamala Harris’s Senate seat with a woman of color

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris sent a strong message with her all-white suit

Kamala Harris: “I may be the first woman to hold this office. But I won’t be the last.”

Kamala Harris makes history as the first woman to become vice president

Harris is also the first Black person and first South Asian American person to be elected to the role.

Sen. David Perdue’s racist treatment of Sen. Kamala Harris’s name was all too familiar 

Mike Pence tried to blame Kamala Harris for undermining a Covid-19 vaccine. But the public blames Trump.

The first post-VP debate poll says Kamala Harris won

“Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking”: Kamala Harris repeatedly shut down Mike Pence’s interruptions at the debate

The double standards Kamala Harris may face at the debate, briefly explained

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s proposals could cut poverty in half

Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, and the national embrace of stepmothers

This stream has:

The 2020 vice presidential debate

What it will take to fight the sexist, racist attacks against Kamala Harris

Female politicians are scrutinized for their looks. Kamala Harris is ready to fight back.

Read: Kamala Harris’s historic acceptance speech

Kamala Harris officially accepts the Democratic vice presidential nomination and makes history

How to watch Kamala Harris’s historic vice presidential nominee acceptance speech

Why the surge in racist misinformation about Kamala Harris is so worrisome

Birtherism 2.0, explained

Kamala Harris’s foreign policy, explained

The Trump campaign attack on Kamala Harris’s citizenship is right out of the birther playbook

Kamala Harris’s family story is the real portrait of American greatness

Kamala Harris is a politician, not an activist. It’s an awkward fit for this moment.

Most candidates run to the center in the general election. Biden is moving left.

Harris is the choice Biden needed to win over Silicon Valley

Joe Biden chooses Kamala Harris as his running mate

Exclusive: Kamala Harris leads Elizabeth Warren and Susan Rice in new VP poll

Sen. Kamala Harris joins the growing list of lawmakers endorsing Joe Biden

Kamala Harris and the fallibility of identity politics 

Kamala Harris’s decline in the polls, explained

Kamala Harris drops out of the 2020 presidential race

How Kamala Harris’s mental health plan could hurt the most vulnerable 

Kamala Harris’s call to suspend Trump’s Twitter account, explained

Kamala Harris is f***ing committing to Iowa

The #KHive, Kamala Harris’s most devoted online supporters, explained