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Joe Biden

Vox's home for coverage of President Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States.

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A simple way to prevent government shutdowns

This stream has:

What to know as a government shutdown looms

Three reasons Biden is struggling with Black and Latino voters

Republicans’ unfounded impeachment inquiry of Biden, explained

Why Biden isn’t getting a credible primary challenger

How to take advantage of Biden’s new student loan relief plan

The mystery of Hunter Biden’s failed plea deal

Biden’s historic climate law has a problem

Biden is taking Texas to court over its floating border barrier

Could a third-party candidate actually derail Biden?

Biden’s new plan to forgive $39 billion in student loans, explained

Biden’s Eurotrip, briefly explained

This stream has:

The Supreme Court strikes down Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan

RFK Jr.’s fringe presidential candidacy, explained

Why the Biden, Clinton, and Pence document cases don’t compare to Trump’s

This stream has:

What you need to know about the debt ceiling deal

The high-stakes debate over how the US defines “antisemitism”

Why progressives want Joe Biden to consider going it alone on the debt ceiling

Did Biden screw up his debt ceiling strategy?

Why immigration policy is so inhumane

9 questions about Biden’s border policy, answered

The overlooked Republican faction that could decide debt ceiling negotiations

4 winners and 1 loser in the EPA’s historic move to limit power plant pollution

The seismic consequences of ending Title 42

Biden has started spending talks with Republicans before they’ve released the debt ceiling hostage

What everyone wants going into Tuesday’s big debt ceiling showdown

The nationalist dark side of Joe Biden’s climate policies

The White House may finally get airlines to pay you for hellish delays

Biden’s plan to win back Latino voters is built off his 2020 mistakes

Why Biden is deploying more troops to the southern border

Why Joe Biden won’t negotiate on the debt ceiling

What comes next in the debt ceiling showdown

The “Dark Brandon” meme — and why the Biden campaign has embraced it — explained

The secret delegate battle that will decide the 2024 Republican nominee

Will there be any presidential debates in 2024?

Joe Biden has been pretty productive. That doesn’t mean he’s popular.

Joe Biden is pretty good at being president. He should run again.

Is Biden a strong nominee for 2024 — or is that malarkey?

The quiet radicalism of Joe Biden’s presidency

Biden’s long-awaited plan to give health care to Dreamers, explained

How Democrats plan to fight abortion pill restrictions

Joe Biden’s newest primary challenger is an anti-vaxxer Kennedy scion

Joe Biden’s first veto takes on Republicans’ war on “woke capitalism”

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