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Joe Biden

Vox's home for coverage of President Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States.

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A Biden presidency

The Democratic nominee’s policy vision, explained.

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Title 42, the controversial Trump-era border policy, explained

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America is trying to fix the chip shortage one factory at a time

Biden’s support among Gen Z and millennials is collapsing. Why?

The Supreme Court seems fed up with a Trump judge who sabotaged Biden

The enormous stakes in the Supreme Court’s “Remain in Mexico” case, explained

How much legal jeopardy is Hunter Biden in?

Can executive actions save Democrats in the midterms?

The Biden administration is ending a controversial border policy

What Biden is really saying in his new budget

Why some crypto fans are praising Joe Biden

The US took a key first step in welcoming Ukrainian refugees

Calls for a new global unity and an old domestic agenda

Why Democrats can’t get a fair shake in the Supreme Court, in one chart

Honduras’s new president could help Biden on migration, if she can survive a political crisis

Migrants in Mexico are on their own against omicron

Democrats may have to sacrifice something big for the climate

Biden’s immigration polices have left Haitians stranded in Mexico

22 things we think will happen in 2022

22 predictions we made in 2021, and the 13 we got right

Can US investment really ease Central America’s migrant crisis?

Biden’s bewildering decision to expand a Trump-era immigration policy

Biden’s winter Covid plan is what a new normal might look like

What is the price of separated immigrant families’ trauma?

This may finally be the year Congress lets Medicare negotiate drug prices

Democrats’ winnowing health care ambitions

Biden’s incoherent immigration policy

Biden could end the debt ceiling — all by himself

The Afghan refugee crisis has revealed the artificial limits of America’s will to welcome

Democrats still have real options for immigration reform

The Texas GOP sees Haitian migrants in crisis as a political opportunity

The fight to resettle Afghans in the US has just begun

Are Biden’s new vaccine requirements legal?

The affordable housing shortage is hurting Afghan refugees

The long road to resettling Afghans in the US

A new Supreme Court case could blow up decades of US diplomacy

Biden had a chance to save allies in Afghanistan. He wasted it.

Time is running out to save Afghans who helped US troops

Biden’s immigration policy isn’t Trump’s — but it’s still a disappointment

Biden’s fight to de-Trumpify the courts, explained

Biden is turning back Haitian migrants at sea, echoing a shameful chapter in US history

Biden’s plan to increase legal immigration could aid the pandemic economy recovery

New York gave every detained immigrant a lawyer. It could serve as a national model.

The US is telling migrants “don’t come.” They might not be listening.

Billionaires are racing to sidestep President Biden’s plan to raise their taxes

America’s asylum system is broken. Here’s how Biden could fix it.

Democrats in Congress aren’t giving up on a public option

New data helps explain Trump’s gains among Latino voters in 2020

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