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Jeb Bush

Coverage of the former governor of Florida, son of George H.W. Bush, and candidate for the GOP's 2016 presidential nomination.

Republican debate: Ahmed Mohamed's clock, and 5 more things to watch for

Donald Trump is much more like Ronald Reagan than the GOP establishment wants to admit

This stream has:

CNN Republican debate 2015: Donald Trump vs. everyone

Study: 53 percent of Jeb Bush's tax cuts would go to the top 1 percent

Why is the media more interested in Hillary's email than in Jeb's dishonest tax pitch?

The most important question about Jeb Bush's tax plan

Jeb Bush's tax plan, explained

Donald Trump keeps calling Jeb Bush “low energy” — here’s what he really means

We don't have a dynastic politics problem, we have a Bush problem

Stat check: Jeb Bush says he "cut state spending more than anybody"

Jeb Bush just lost three key advisers. Campaign staff don’t flee winning campaigns.

Jeb Bush winning Eric Cantor's endorsement is a great metaphor for his campaign

Jeb Bush handles disasters better than his brother

Jeb Bush, “anchor babies,” and America’s deep legacy of anti–Asian American racism

Jeb Bush: Don’t worry, I wasn’t calling Latinos “anchor babies” — I meant Asians

Donald Trump is using Jeb Bush's mom to troll Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush is the latest victim of the Trump effect

Donald Trump exposes Jeb Bush's problem: the GOP doesn't want a bland political insider

Jeb Bush's plan to fight ISIS, explained

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio had a surprisingly revealing debate about Common Core

The media is ignoring this telling Jeb Bush gaffe

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio get in a fight about Common Core

Jeb Bush's 4% growth promise is 104% nonsense

Jeb Bush’s $75 plastic “Guaca Bowle” is an affront to molcajetes and civilization itself

Jeb Bush's Planned Parenthood flub wasn't a gaffe

Jeb Bush makes gaffe on women's health funding, quickly walks it back

Jeb Bush has the most serious immigration enforcement plan of any GOP candidate

Hillary Clinton paid $57.5 million in taxes in 8 years. She wants rich people to pay more.

Donald Trump is out-polling Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in their home state of Florida

Jeb Bush 2016: a primer

Jeb Bush says we should "phase out" Medicare

Jeb Bush says never make nuclear deals with dictators. His brother and father both did.

Donald Trump’s rise is great news — for Jeb Bush

Hillary Clinton to Jeb Bush: American workers "don't need a lecture, they need a raise"

Jeb Bush’s accidentally interesting comment

Team Jeb Bush's huge fundraising haul easily tops all his rivals — even Hillary Clinton

Gaffesplainer 2016: Jeb Bush and longer working hours

Jeb Bush says he’s proud of his charitable giving. He shouldn’t be.

See how Jeb Bush’s income soared after his dad — and then his brother — became president

Hillary is the #1 candidate on Facebook. The top Republican is … Donald Trump.

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