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Jack Dorsey

Square is worth almost as much as that other company Jack Dorsey runs

Longer tweets have not ruined Twitter

Jack Dorsey’s two-year anniversary as Twitter CEO in charts

Jack Dorsey returned to Twitter two years ago — but he still hasn’t saved the company

Some Twitter users are getting longer tweets, but President Donald Trump isn’t one of them

Twitter is testing a big change: Doubling the length of tweets from 140 to 280 characters

Twitter added zero users last quarter

Tech execs are standing up to Trump’s ban against transgender people serving in the military

Why Twitter’s Jack Dorsey chose computer science over becoming mayor of New York

Steve Ballmer says Jack Dorsey will eventually have to choose one company to lead

Square is rolling out its first debit card

This is one of Jack Dorsey’s early sketches of what became a $7 billion business

Jack Dorsey tweeted a photo of what looks like a Square debit card

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says Twitter’s latest makeover isn’t set in stone

Surprise! It’s 2017 and Square is thriving

One of Jack Dorsey’s top leaders at Square is leaving the company

Jack Dorsey’s interview with Snowden sends a strong anti-surveillance message to Trump

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey says he feels ‘complicated’ about Donald Trump’s relentless tweeting

Jack Dorsey plans to continue running both Square and Twitter

Full video: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and #BlackLivesMatter activist DeRay Mckesson at Code 2016

Did Jack Dorsey send beard shavings to rapper Azealia Banks to promote Square Cash?

More Code Speakers: Bill & Melinda Gates; Activists Johnetta Elzie & DeRay Mckesson; Jack Dorsey

Oorah! Jack Dorsey Fires Up Twitter Employees in Epic Pep Rally.

Top VC (Chamath Palihapitiya) Disses Top CEO (Jack Dorsey) -- And Silicon Valley Survives

Jack Dorsey Has Been Twitter CEO for Three Months Now -- Here's What He's Done

Twitter COO Adam Bain on Jack Dorsey and Super-Sized Tweets (Q&A)

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Shows Users Why 10,000-Character Tweets Aren't So Crazy

Jack Dorsey Cements Reputation as Intense, Product-Obsessed Nerd in Product Hunt Q&A

Project Morale Boost! Jack Dorsey Is Giving Away Nearly $200 Million of His Twitter Stock to Employees.

Three Questions for Square Now That Jack Dorsey Is Officially Working Part Time

Why Jack Dorsey Is Ready to Save Twitter

Adam Bain Is Soooo Nice, Jack Dorsey's Hamlet Act and Other Things You Need to Know About the Twitter CEO Search

Meet Square's Francoise Brougher, Jack Dorsey's New Secret Weapon

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