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News about the terrorist group that has inspired or carried out deadly attacks across the globe.

Here’s the US military dog that helped take down ISIS leader Baghdadi

“Jackpot”: Inside the US military raid to kill ISIS leader Baghdadi

Trump’s Baghdadi press conference shows how he ruins even his best moments

What Baghdadi’s death means for ISIS

Lindsey Graham is leading a Senate bill to punish Turkey with crushing sanctions

This filmmaker spent months interviewing neo-Nazis and jihadists. Here’s what she learned.

Trump just declared ISIS’s caliphate 100% defeated. But ISIS still remains.

The fight over whether ISIS recruit Hoda Muthana is a US citizen, explained

Lindsey Graham: Pulling troops from Syria is “the dumbest fucking idea I’ve ever heard”

The Pentagon says ISIS is “well-positioned” to make a comeback

The Pentagon admitted it will never know how many civilians it has killed fighting ISIS

The US spent months battling ISIS in Mosul. At least 9,000 civilians were killed in the crossfire.

An atheist Muslim on what the left and right get wrong about Islam

On the ground in Iraq, the war against ISIS is just getting started

Candidate Trump promised to stay out of foreign wars. President Trump is escalating them.

America’s former envoy to Afghanistan: the war can’t be won

Iraqi forces just retook Mosul from ISIS. These photos show what they found.

US envoy on the battle to retake ISIS's capital: “They will die here in Syria”

There is no rational justification for Trump’s travel ban

ISIS just blew up the 842-year-old mosque where it announced its caliphate

A terrorism expert on why Trump's anti-Muslim posturing makes us less safe

Trump just made a major, risky move against ISIS

Trump says he'll destroy ISIS. His budget would make that a lot harder.

The US says it won’t talk to terrorists. An American woman and her children are paying the price.

The grand global political lesson of the moment: we have no idea what's possible

Trump’s “Muslim ban” is a huge gift to ISIS

Turning back Syrian refugees isn't just wrong — it helps ISIS

How America's "war on terror" was (unwittingly) designed to last forever

Berlin and Ankara: a tale of two terror attacks

Meet Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis, the Iran hawk that will run Trump's Pentagon

On the ground in Mosul: why the worst-case scenarios are coming true

Michael Flynn, Trump’s new national security adviser, loves Russia as much as his boss does

4 foreign policy crises that could erupt under President Trump

Horrifying video shows the “smoke-filled hell” ISIS has left in its wake outside Mosul

More US troops just died in Afghanistan. Clinton and Trump are ignoring it.

ISIS leader Baghdadi just issued his first statement in almost a year

Donald Trump and ISIS are pushing the same weird conspiracy theory

Trump’s idea for a “sneak attack” on ISIS in Mosul isn’t actually possible

No, Donald, ISIS won’t "take over" America if Hillary wins

Did ISIS plan, inspire, or have no role in the Minnesota attack? The answer matters.