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Uber has finally hired a CFO — who has his work cut out for him

Spotify tried to reinvent the IPO. But two quarters later, things look ... normal?

In yet another 2018 IPO, the freelancing startup Upwork has filed to go public

The IPOs keep coming: The search company Elastic has filed to go public

The three reasons Spotify did a rare direct stock listing, according to CEO Daniel Ek

Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake says her one regret with the IPO is that they let expectations get really high

Telegram is scuttling its public ICO. Here’s why.

There have been twice as many tech IPOs in 2018 as there were at this point in 2017

This week on Too Embarrassed to Ask: The YouTube shooting, Spotify’s IPO and a Facebook-Cambridge Analytica update

Domo, the once-secretive $2 billion software company led by Josh James, is moving to go public

This is who benefits most from the Spotify IPO

At $27 billion, Spotify is the seventh-most-valuable internet company to go public in the U.S.

Spotify’s first day of trading ended up being surprisingly normal — and that’s a win for the direct listing

Spotify’s direct listing is an inflection point in the Wall Street-Silicon Valley relationship

Meet Barry McCarthy, the man behind Spotify’s daring public offering

Spotify told Wall Street it is going to have a very good year in 2018

Dropbox shares jumped nearly 40 percent on the first day of trading

How Sequoia’s $2 billion Dropbox win became as big as it is

Dropbox IPO shares are priced at $21 — higher than expected

HelloFresh’s sales are growing five times faster than Blue Apron’s

DocuSign has filed to go public in yet another 2018 IPO

Zuora is the latest tech company to file for IPO early this year

Spotify’s first day of trading will be April 3

Warby Parker is valued at $1.75 billion after a pre-IPO investment of $75 million

Dropbox is staring at a downround IPO

Everyone wants to build a giant consumer subscription business. Spotify already has one.

Spotify is gambling its stock with an IPO that it concedes is risky

Spotify’s IPO in six charts

This stream has:

The Spotify IPO

Spotify’s IPO could be a billion-dollar payday for Sony Music

Here’s why Spotify had to go public this year

Sequoia and founder Drew Houston are unusually big winners in the Dropbox payday

Dropbox needs to be seen like Atlassian, not Box, to avoid a downround IPO

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel sold $50 million in stock this week, his first public sale since the IPO

Airbnb reached full-year profitability for 2017, and it’s adding a former Amex CEO to its board

SurveyMonkey is expected to go public later this year

Dropbox is finally, finally going public

Another big Amazon acquisition, a Peloton IPO — and other commerce predictions for 2018

How Spotify solved a $1 billion debt problem that will help it IPO

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Todd McKinnon, who successfully took his cloud management company IPO, also likes to give a lot to charity

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