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What it means to be a “good” Real Housewife

Are we too worried about misinformation?

Will Trump’s tax returns change anything?

The Whale screenwriter on writing about religious fundamentalism, bodies, and hope

Elon Musk’s tunnels to nowhere

How disappointed Taylor Swift fans explain Ticketmaster’s monopoly

“I think he’s battling with his own self”: Inside Elon Musk’s brain

Hollywood’s Black film problem, explained by Elvis Mitchell

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The Supreme Court lost Republicans the midterms

An atmosphere of violence: Stochastic terror in American politics

Who would make Bolsonaro president again?

How tech is helping us talk to animals

The existence of the last slave transport ship was denied. A new documentary reveals the truth.

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What we know about Herschel Walker’s time in Trump’s failed football league

What Xi Jinping’s third term means for China and the world

Why OPEC’s cuts shouldn’t have been a surprise — and may not hurt as much as you might think

Pete Buttigieg knows EV range anxiety is a thing

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October surprises may not matter in the 2022 midterms

Triangle of Sadness might be the meanest film of the year. Its director is an optimist.

Looking for a sense of belonging? Start with being a good guest.

Chips are the new oil. There are no reserves.

Riotsville, U.S.A. is a window onto the bizarre beginnings of police militarization

Do we ask too much of parents?

How a 100-year-old miscalculation drained the Colorado River

How power companies have caused and worsened wildfires

The questions over the queen’s role in Britain’s violent empire, explained by a historian

Delia Owens wrote the thriller Where the Crawdads Sing. Was she also involved in a murder?

It’s the end of the car as we know it

Why Iraq could be approaching another civil war, explained by an expert

Are rap lyrics artistic expressions or confessions? Young Thug and Gunna will soon find out.

What if your financial future wasn’t stressful? 

Setting boundaries is more than just saying “no”

The ovarian “biological clock” and other reproductive health metaphors that have led science astray

Recreating The Simpsons in the post-apocalypse

The US monkeypox response is failing queer men

How to define success on your own terms

Trading Brittney Griner for the “Merchant of Death”

What we mean when we say Beyoncé is “saving” house music

What keeping secrets does to you

Sri Lanka’s protests are just the beginning of global instability