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Internet of Things

3G must die so 5G can live

Peloton’s mandatory treadmill memberships show how you never fully own your connected devices

How your power company can remotely control your smart thermostat

Amazon, Apple, and Google are working together so that your smart home works better

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11 memes that captured the decade

The internet’s weird viral ephemera provided much-needed levity, stoked fears and hate, and gave us a common language.

Is the internet killing language? LOL, no.

People say they care about privacy but they continue to buy devices that can spy on them

What it’s really like to live with so-called smart devices

Recode Decode at TED: Space environmentalist Moriba Jah wants to know how much “junk” is in Earth’s orbit

Afternoon tea with Sir James Dyson

‘Alexa’ has become a less popular baby name since Amazon launched Echo

Advertisers are finding new places for ads with the rise of voice technology

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Amazon’s Toni Reid and Rohit Prasad have made Alexa a household name

This is how tech can help us all survive a modern-day apocalypse

How can I make my home Wi-Fi faster?

Two U.S. lawmakers think the government has a new cybersecurity problem: The Internet of Things

The next looming battle in the tech world will be based around digital assistants

Here’s your first tech buzzword of 2017: ‘Brownfield’

Mossberg: In tech, form too often trumps function

While Amazon Alexa quickly becomes part of the family,  Google Home is like a stranger who knows too much about you

Here’s what you can do to prevent your smart-home devices from being hijacked

Obama says the U.S. government still doesn’t know who shut down the internet last week

Friday’s huge internet outage, explained

Exploding robots may already be in your house

Amazon accidentally announced a cheaper Echo Dot. Then it deleted the tweet.

Who is best positioned to build a smart home assistant?

App darling IFTTT says it can run with Apple, Google and Amazon in the smart home race

This startup wants to replace Skype, Dropcam and Amazon’s Echo with a single tablet

Internet of Things strategies are going from general to specialized and vertical

Full transcript: Peloton CTO Yony Feng on Recode Decode

Why do we have smart-home apps at all?

The Internet of Things is facing challenges with scale

Nest is pushing further into the energy business with SolarCity partnership

Why the NSA and other spies will love the Internet of Things

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and GE are teaming up on the Internet of Things

A former Google engineer lands $20 million for his internet-of-things startup

The biggest question for the Internet of Things: Who pays?

This Mattress Will Tell You if You're Being Cheated On

Nest CEO Tony Fadell went to Google's all-hands meeting to defend Nest. Here's what he said.

The smart home is a fantasy, but 'smart cows' are already real