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What happened to giving money to charity?

Amazon’s robots are getting closer to replacing human hands

Who owns what in Big Media today

Amazon’s CEO still isn’t accepting the historic Staten Island union victory

Some Amazon Prime customers say they don’t have two-day shipping anymore

Google CEO Sundar Pichai swears his company has real competition

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s biggest bet

Missing parts, long waits, and a dead mouse: The perils of getting a Tesla fixed

Twitter’s whistleblower problem is way bigger than Elon Musk’s bot complaints

Exclusive: Inside Amazon’s plan to “neutralize” powerful unions by hiring ex-inmates and “vulnerable students”

The Facebookification of Instagram

Will the pro-abortion rights billionaires please stand up?

Amazon wants to be your doctor now, too

Amazon executives have discussed ditching Amazon Basics to appease regulators

We all just fell for Amazon’s made-up holiday yet again

Amazon’s Ring privacy problem is back

Elon Musk fans can’t handle the truth

Meta top executive Nick Clegg explains Facebook’s futuristic plans for the metaverse

Elon Musk the Twitter celebrity vs. Elon Musk the boss

Leaked Amazon memo warns the company is running out of people to hire

Leaked transcript: Inside Elon Musk’s first meeting with Twitter employees

What you need to know about Elon Musk’s big meeting with Twitter employees

Apple and Google are coming for your car

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Amazon fired Chris Smalls. Now the new union leader is one of its biggest problems.

What’s next for the face of America’s new labor movement.

Sheryl Sandberg’s mixed legacy at Meta

Bill Gates knows philanthropy alone can’t solve inequality

The major blind spot in Bill Gates’s pandemic prevention plan

Amazon’s surprising new delivery partners: Rural mom-and-pop shops

Elon and the Twitter quitters

Amazon’s worker union just lost in New York City. Where does it go from here?

Even Elon Musk doesn’t know what he means by free speech

Elon Musk is buying Twitter. Now what?

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The Amazonification of the American workforce

The e-commerce giant’s labor issues expose the complicated truth about getting what we want when we want it.

There are good reasons why Elon wants Twitter

Is Elon Musk really going to buy Twitter for $43 billion?

Elon Musk is no free speech messiah

Congrats! You formed a union. Now comes the hard part.

How a bunch of Starbucks baristas built a labor movement

America finally gets an Amazon union

The real scandal behind billionaire Eric Schmidt paying for Biden’s science office