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Vox's coverage of immigration policy: from DACA to Trump's proposed border wall and more.

New York City’s not-so-sudden migrant surge, explained

The fate of hundreds of thousands of immigrants is caught in an endless court fight

An act of Congress could grant legal status to thousands of Afghan allies. What’s the holdup?

NYC is struggling to help asylum seekers. Here’s why.

A deadly shipwreck illustrates the tragedy behind Europe’s migration policies

Biden is taking Texas to court over its floating border barrier

What the Dutch parliament collapse reveals about European migration

Florida’s new immigration law previews a DeSantis presidency

DeSantis keeps looking like a Trump copycat

The Supreme Court may be running out of patience for Trump’s worst judges

A guide to Ron DeSantis’s most extreme policies in Florida

Why immigration policy is so inhumane

Ron DeSantis’s immigration law is already leading to worker shortages

9 questions about Biden’s border policy, answered

Title 42 is over. Immigration policy is still broken.

The seismic consequences of ending Title 42

Why Biden is deploying more troops to the southern border

Why so many top Republicans want to go to war in Mexico

Are 8 billion people too many — or too few? 

Biden’s long-awaited plan to give health care to Dreamers, explained

Migrants were left for dead in a Mexican detention center. Was it a preventable tragedy?

Biden and Trudeau’s immigration deal makes it easier for both countries to turn away asylum seekers

The UK’s extreme new immigration plans, explained

How Biden came to embrace Trumpian border policies

A new Supreme Court decision leaves a Trump judge in charge of the Mexican border

This Penn professor has been offending minorities for years. Will tenure save her?

The Supreme Court is manipulating its own calendar to lock GOP policies in place

Blue cities and the Biden administration are failing migrants bused from the border

Title 42 may be ending soon. The US immigration system isn’t ready.

How an obscure Christian right activist became one of the most powerful men in America

A Senate breakthrough on immigration might still be a long shot

A rogue Trump judge has thrown the Supreme Court in disarray

A Trump judge seized control of ICE, and the Supreme Court will decide whether to stop him

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Leah Boustan is illuminating how and where people migrate — and why it matters

The Supreme Court’s new term could be even more consequential than its last one

Why Ron DeSantis is baiting Biden on the border

Progressives have welcomed migrants. Now they need to house them

DeSantis’s Martha’s Vineyard flights escalate GOP immigration stunts

DACA is in jeopardy. Can the Biden administration save it?

How Republicans rigged Texas’s federal courts against Biden

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