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Donald Trump just mixed up two women journalists at a press conference

“We have a lot of blonde women in Finland,” one of the reporters helpfully said.

President Trump at a joint news conference with the president of Finland
President Trump at a joint news conference with the president of Finland
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images
Anna North is a senior correspondent for Vox, where she covers American family life, work, and education. Previously, she was an editor and writer at the New York Times. She is also the author of three novels, including the New York Times bestseller Outlawed.

During a joint press conference today with the president of Finland, President Trump appeared to mix up two women journalists who were sitting next to one another.

Early on in the event, which was held at the White House, Trump took a question about Russia from Paula Vilén, a reporter from the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Finland’s public broadcasting service. About 10 minutes later, Sauli Niinistö, the Finnish president, called on a different female reporter, Maria Annala.

“Again?” Trump asked, apparently mistaking her for the same woman who had spoken earlier. “You’re going to give her — the same one?”

“No, they are not the same lady,” explained Niinistö, visibly uncomfortable. “They are sitting side by side.”

“We have a lot of blonde women in Finland,” the reporter helpfully added.

You can watch the whole exchange below.

Trump has a history of treating female reporters differently than male ones, as Alana Abramson notes at Fortune. He repeatedly called Katy Tur of NBC News “Little Katy.” In June, he commented that Caitriona Perry of Ireland RTE had a “nice smile.”

And, of course, he famously opined that Megyn Kelly of Fox News had “blood coming out of her ... wherever” when she moderated a Republican presidential primary debate.

Just for reference, here are the two female reporters from today’s press conference, pictured together:

Note that one is wearing red while the other is wearing black. Also, they are different women.