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Watch: women, men, and kids of the Women’s March, in their own words

We get it, the event’s purpose is intersectional as hell.

The organizers of Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington, which has brought hundreds of thousands of participants to the nation’s capital and inspired satellite events around the country and world, say the event’s ultimate goal is “to affirm our shared humanity and pronounce our bold message of resistance and self-determination.”

But a promotional video posted to YouTube by the organizers of the event provides a more personal perspective, in which participants explain why they’re attending.

The statements, made by a diverse group of women, men, and children, include: “Because women’s rights are human rights,” “Because diversity is beautiful,” “Because my grandmother fought for the right to vote,” “Because no means no,” “Because I want my sister to be president one day,” “Because there’s nothing funny about inequality,” “Because we can’t do nothing,” “Because I can’t breathe,” and “Because together we’re stronger.”

These are, of course, only a small sample of the reasons. Additionally, the organizers issued a detailed statement of principles explaining what they’re calling for, including: “dismantling the gender and racial inequalities within the criminal justice system,” calling for freedom from sexual violence, affirming that all domestic and caretaking work is work, and that women — especially women of color — bear the brunt of that burden, and demanding comprehensive reproductive rights.

The question of whether the march’s goals speak to women of all backgrounds has been a theme leading up to the event, and the organizers have taken pains to communicate that the version of feminism it reflects is intersectional. This video, with its racially diverse cast of characters, seems to reflect an ongoing commitment to that effort.

Although 220,000 people committed to going to the DC march on Facebook, event organizers are expecting half a million people to participate, DC’s deputy mayor tweeted Saturday.

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