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Vox's coverage of Hulu news, shows and movies, and streaming recommendations.

Full transcript: Comedian Dana Gould on Recode Media

Hulu’s CEO is going to run Sony TV, and another Fox exec is going to run Hulu

Most Netflix customers don’t pay for other streaming services. But Hulu and HBO Now subscribers do.

Why YouTube doesn’t (yet) spend as much as Netflix on original shows

Broadcast TV is not dead, ‘Empire’ showrunner Ilene Chaiken says

Netflix spends more than any other streaming service on content

Watch as streaming TV services are increasingly winning the top Emmys

U.S. college students can now buy a Spotify/Hulu bundle for $5 a month

Hulu is adding HBO just in time for ‘Game of Thrones’

Full transcript: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ writer and producer Bruce Miller on Recode Decode

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ creator Bruce Miller talks about the new rules of making TV for the internet

No one is getting internet TV right — yet

Hulu’s new live-streaming service lets you watch dozens of channels for $40

The free TV on the internet experiment died years ago. Now Hulu is burying it.

Amazon just made Netflix's earnings call more interesting

Oculus Has Hired Former Flipboard, Hulu Product Exec Eugene Wei to Run Video

Hulu Finally Gets Serious With Original TV Series -- But Is It Too Little, Too Late?

Valentine's Day Sucks. Here's What to Stream for This Weekend's Romantically Averse.

Golden Globe Nominations Show a Surge in Streaming Shows

Streaming Video Now Accounts for 70 Percent of Broadband Usage

Former Hulu Executive Andy Forssell Jumps to Fullscreen

Why It Could Get Harder to Watch Your Favorite Shows on Hulu

Can the TV Guys Put the Netflix Genie Back in the Bottle?

'Apps Are the Future of TV'? Not So Fast!

Code/Media 2016 Is Coming, and Hulu, Vevo and MLB Will Be There

Dream Stream: A Six-Week Search for the Best Place to Watch TV Online in 2015

Hulu Will Let You Watch TV Without Ads for an Extra $4 a Month

Netflix Is Losing More Hollywood Movies, and Says You'll Be Okay With That

Bundles of Joy

Hulu Will Sell Showtime on the Web, Too -- At a 20 Percent Discount

Code/Media 2015: Vessel Co-Founder Jason Kilar

Apple Is Back in Content

The Battle for the Living Room, Then and Now

Hulu Comes to Cable TV, Which Is Fine With Cable TV

The Modern-Day Water Cooler

Vessel, the Site That Wants You to Pay to Watch Web Videos, Opens to the Public

Peter Chernin Says Video's Golden Age Is On Its Way: The Full Code/Media Interview

Why No One's Talking About 'Cord-Forevers'

Vessel CEO Jason Kilar Wants You to Give Him Three Dollars a Month: The Code/Media Interview

The Rise of the Chief Behavioral Officer