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The WHO declared aspartame “possibly” causes cancer. Here’s what that means.

The next big question about over-the-counter birth control

How an LGBTQ clinic in Uganda keeps going amid rising homophobic violence

What to do if you’re worried about “forever chemicals” in your drinking water

A new era for Alzheimer’s treatment begins

We finally have malaria vaccines. The next hurdle: Distributing them.

Anxious about climate change? You’re not alone.

What your doctor wants you to know about Ozempic

The limits of therapy-speak

The largest psychedelic conference in history is surprisingly sane

How to bring back the small-town family doctor

Joe Rogan wants a “debate” on vaccine science. Don’t give it to him.

RFK Jr.’s fringe presidential candidacy, explained

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How AI could spark the next pandemic

The epic story of our best malaria drug

People are using abortion medication later in their pregnancies. Here’s what that means.

Uganda’s anti-gay law will hurt all Ugandans

Big Pharma’s legal fight to stop cheaper Medicare drugs, explained

What’s behind Black women’s excessive rate of fibroids?

A racist society is detrimental to your health 

Are you sleepy or just tired?

If you can’t breathe well, neither can your pet

How to make your indoor air better when it’s smoky outside

Smoky air puts everyone at risk — but it’s worse for some

A personality test can’t tell you who you are

A guide to meditation for people who think they can’t meditate

A 10-year-old Ohio rape victim got an abortion. Now her doctor is being punished.

The next frontier for Ozempic: Health insurance

The cancer-reducing birth control method you might not have heard of

The psychedelic renaissance is at risk of missing the bigger picture

Why more mammograms aren’t the solution to breast cancer

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are losing Medicaid every month

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It’s not just climate disasters. “Normal” weather is getting weirder, too.

How to talk about pregnancy loss

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Don’t let AI fears of the future overshadow present-day causes

A frightening virus is killing a massive number of wild birds

Mental illness is not responsible for America’s guns crisis

A Covid outbreak at a CDC conference is ironic. But is it a big deal?

What the ending of the WHO’s Covid emergency does (and doesn’t) change

The FDA approves a breakthrough vaccine 50 years in the making

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