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22 predictions we made in 2022, and the 6 we got wrong

The medical system has failed Black Americans for centuries. Could reparations be the answer?

2022 was the worst for many US hospitals. The aftershocks will last for years.

Great news for germs

Why are American lives getting shorter?

5 studies released in 2022 that might change how you think about health care

One of our best Covid-19 treatments doesn’t work anymore. What now?

5 experts share how to make day care less germy

Ron DeSantis’s vaccine “investigation” is all about beating Trump

China’s health system isn’t ready for the end of “zero Covid”

The US has never recorded this many positive flu tests in one week

China’s Covid narrative is backfiring

How “zero-Covid” changed China — and the world

What makes China’s wave of protests different this time

Poor countries are developing a new paradigm of mental health care. America is taking note.

The wave of protests testing China’s zero-Covid policy, explained

How to make Covid the last pandemic

Will America continue to turn away from vaccines?

Syphilis rates are soaring in South Dakota’s American Indian communities. What’s going on?

Going home for the holidays? Boost, mask, and test beforehand.

How to handle an overload of grief

This flu season is looking really scary, in one chart

Malawi scientists have a plan to fight one of their country’s biggest killers

Your free pandemic health perks are on the way out

New RSV vaccines are coming. This is very, very good news.

Forget tainted candy: The scariest thing on Halloween is parked in your driveway

Why everybody you know is sick right now

How to read a controversial preprint paper on Covid’s origins

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John Fetterman survived a stroke. It could be an asset if he’s elected.

There’s a morning-after pill to prevent sexually transmitted infections

Our buildings are making us sick

How to move your body when your brain won’t cooperate

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Lucia Coulter and Jack Rafferty want to strip the world of lead-based paint

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Target Malaria’s scientists are working to rid Africa of an ancient plague

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Jennifer Doudna helped rewrite life with CRISPR

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Zeynep Tufekci has been consistently ahead of the curve on Covid-19

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Kevin Esvelt wants to make the world safe from — and for — biotechnology

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DARPA changed technology. Now Renee Wegrzyn wants to bring the same innovation to medicine.

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Our health care data infrastructure is broken. Caitlin Rivers hopes to fix it.

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Josh Morrison took risks for science, and he thinks you can, too