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Health Care

Vox's coverage of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare-for-all, emergency room fees, and everything else you need to know about the health care industry.

2 big reasons America’s booster rates are lagging

The Supreme Court is not being honest with you

What can actually convince vaccine skeptics to get their shots

Peloton’s problems aren’t just Peloton’s

The health system isn’t ready for an advanced cancer surge

They save skiers and hikers in the wilderness. Here’s how they think about resilience.

Search-and-rescue responders have powerful new ways of recovering from trauma.

Is the FDA too cautious?

Who actually needs a fourth Covid-19 shot?

What causes long Covid? Scientists are zeroing in on the answer.

A bizarre Wisconsin hospital lawsuit shows how Covid-19 gave workers new leverage

Retiring Justice Stephen Breyer’s nearly 28 years on the Supreme Court, explained

The extraordinary success of Covid-19 vaccines, in two charts

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How trauma became the word of the decade

The very real psychiatric term has become so omnipresent in pop culture that some experts worry it’s losing its meaning.

How to spot the signs of long Covid — and what to do next

The frustrating Covid-19 test reimbursement process is a microcosm of US health care

The parents of the youngest children are not okay

Why Covid-19 is always one step ahead of the US response

We’ll never have a normal flu season again

The most consistently botched part of the US pandemic response

Texas shows the dangers of indifference to omicron

Rapid tests, omicron, and you

The Supreme Court could hand down another major attack on Roe v. Wade any day now

The great population growth slowdown

22 things we think will happen in 2022

22 predictions we made in 2021, and the 13 we got right

Covid-19 surges spark chain reactions that strain US hospitals everywhere

Why more psychiatrists think mindfulness can help treat ADHD

Just how much is Trump’s judiciary sabotaging the Biden presidency?

How to make sense of the case and hospitalization data as omicron takes off

How omicron broke Covid-19 testing

Congress is on the brink of an immense health policy failure

You might get a breakthrough case of Covid-19 this winter. Here’s how to prepare.

Does it still make sense for vaccinated people with Covid-19 to isolate for 10 days?

Bonsai and the delicate art of feeling better

Omicron is coming and lockdowns aren’t coming back. So what can we do?

The one good thing that could come from Gavin Newsom trolling the Supreme Court

The one-dose problem is real

Don’t be fooled: The Supreme Court’s Texas abortion decision is a big defeat for Roe v. Wade

What South Africa is seeing in its omicron outbreak

Why adoption isn’t a replacement for abortion rights

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