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Health Care

Vox's coverage of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare-for-all, emergency room fees, and everything else you need to know about the health care industry.

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s first major opinion saves Medicaid

A 10-year-old Ohio rape victim got an abortion. Now her doctor is being punished.

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The Republican plan to sneakily cut Medicaid, explained

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The surgeon general says loneliness is as deadly as smoking

In Nebraska, abortion rights are safe — for now

The blithe cruelty of the GOP push for Medicaid work requirements

North Dakota adopts one of the strictest abortion bans in the US

White House warns 21 million Americans at risk of losing Medicaid under GOP proposal

The Supreme Court’s new abortion pill decision, explained

Medicaid is popular. So why are Republicans still trying to cut it?

Biden’s long-awaited plan to give health care to Dreamers, explained

Republicans want to force doctors to mislead patients about reversing abortions

How Democrats plan to fight abortion pill restrictions

The ongoing, unnecessary Adderall shortage, explained

Can we solve the EpiPen cost crisis? 

What is Narcan? The opioid overdose spray, explained.

The lawsuit that threatens everything from cancer screenings to birth control, explained

Never pay a medical bill without asking these questions first

What would it mean to treat guns the way we treat cars?

Thanks, Obama! The hilarious reason why a judge just blocked Wyoming’s abortion ban.

How the US can stop the spread of Candida auris, a drug-resistant fungus

Wyoming banned the abortion pill. Some states are trying to go even further.

Why 70 percent of the world’s maternal deaths are in sub-Saharan Africa

Medicare is being privatized right before our eyes

The knowns — and known unknowns — of long Covid, explained

No one knows when it is legal to perform medically necessary abortions in Texas

Biden’s budget goes all in on protecting Medicare. Just how much danger is it in?

The campaign to make insulin less expensive just scored a major victory

The pay gap between hospital CEOs and nurses is expanding even faster than we thought

Yes, the Ohio train wreck is an environmental disaster. No, it’s not Chernobyl.

The radical proposal to let Medicare and Social Security lapse, explained

Why you know the names of tons of medicines you’ll never need

Insulin is way too expensive. California has a solution: Make its own.

Can you get bird flu?