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Health Care

Vox's coverage of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare-for-all, emergency room fees, and everything else you need to know about the health care industry.

Another Covid-19 winter is coming. Here’s how to prepare.

What happened to the family doctor?

The dangers of virus hunting

Is there anything Ozempic can’t do?

How America became a nation of gamblers

Medicare’s first-ever drug price negotiations, briefly explained

What the GOP debate revealed about Republican health care hypocrisy

The case for optimism about the Supreme Court

You still need to tell your friends if you get Covid

In Texas, a temporary win for abortion rights

Therapy is health care. So why won’t your health insurance pay for it?

Is it time to be worried about Covid-19 again?

The next big question about over-the-counter birth control

A new era for Alzheimer’s treatment begins

We finally have malaria vaccines. The next hurdle: Distributing them.

9 questions about abortion in America, answered

How to bring back the small-town family doctor

Abortion was a motivating force in Virginia’s primaries

People are using abortion medication later in their pregnancies. Here’s what that means.

Big Pharma’s legal fight to stop cheaper Medicare drugs, explained

Blue states’ “shield laws” for abortion and trans health care, explained

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s first major opinion saves Medicaid

A 10-year-old Ohio rape victim got an abortion. Now her doctor is being punished.

The next frontier for Ozempic: Health insurance

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are losing Medicaid every month

What happened to the GOP’s promises to support women and families after Roe?

The Republican plan to sneakily cut Medicaid, explained

3 things you should know about the end of the Covid public health emergency

The mysterious middlemen being blamed for America’s sky-high drug prices

Mental illness is not responsible for America’s guns crisis

The surgeon general says loneliness is as deadly as smoking

In Nebraska, abortion rights are safe — for now

The blithe cruelty of the GOP push for Medicaid work requirements

North Dakota adopts one of the strictest abortion bans in the US

White House warns 21 million Americans at risk of losing Medicaid under GOP proposal

The Supreme Court’s new abortion pill decision, explained

Medicaid is popular. So why are Republicans still trying to cut it?

Biden’s long-awaited plan to give health care to Dreamers, explained

Republicans want to force doctors to mislead patients about reversing abortions

How Democrats plan to fight abortion pill restrictions

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