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Health Care

Vox's coverage of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare-for-all, emergency room fees, and everything else you need to know about the health care industry.

Hospitals are supposed to be safe. Not in Gaza.

A prescription for housing?

We have treatments for opioid addiction that work. So why is the problem getting worse?

How to get the medication you need when it’s out of stock

A guide to health care providers, from doctors to nurse practitioners

Why I’m glad my newborn received a false positive test for a rare genetic disorder

The complicated lives and deaths of TikTok’s illness influencers

How Black churches could lead the way on teen mental health

Are you a headache person? You don’t have to suffer in silence.

The Supreme Court’s new, nightmare abortion cases, explained

The Supreme Court will hear its biggest abortion case since it overruled Roe v. Wade

The sinister court decision denying Kate Cox an abortion, explained

The US doesn’t have universal health care — but these states (almost) do

Many Americans with dementia can’t get the hospice care they need

Why are so few people getting the latest Covid-19 vaccine?

The world’s largest child displacement crisis is in Sudan

Patients don’t know how to navigate the US health system — and it’s costing them

Your health care open enrollment questions, answered

The RSV shot shortage isn’t just a supply problem

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The Vox guide to open enrollment

Every year, picking a health plan is a frustrating guessing game. Here’s how to navigate your choices — and understand the system that built them.

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The subtle privatization of Medicare

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Why the US is the only country that ties your health insurance to your job

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Who thought flexible spending accounts were a good idea?

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Fixing open enrollment starts with staying mad about it

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Dental insurance isn’t a scam — but it’s also not insurance

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The most important questions to ask when picking a health care plan

There’s a morning-after pill to prevent sexually transmitted infections

Nearly 2 million kids have been kicked off Medicaid this year

Why 75,000 Kaiser Permanente workers have gone on strike

What a striking new study of death in America misses

The prices hospitals post online can be wildly different than what they tell patients over the phone

How to advocate for yourself at the doctor’s office

Another Covid-19 winter is coming. Here’s how to prepare.

What happened to the family doctor?

The dangers of virus hunting

Is there anything Ozempic can’t do?

How America became a nation of gamblers

Medicare’s first-ever drug price negotiations, briefly explained

What the GOP debate revealed about Republican health care hypocrisy

The case for optimism about the Supreme Court

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