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Inside the very strange, very expensive race to “de-age”

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Governments once imagined a future without extreme poverty. What happened?

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Another Covid-19 winter is coming. Here’s how to prepare.

Lead poisoning kills millions annually. One country is showing the way forward.

How Covid misinformation stayed one step ahead of Facebook

What happened to the family doctor?

Lead poisoning could be killing more people than HIV, malaria, and car accidents combined

The dangers of virus hunting

Is there anything Ozempic can’t do?

New Covid vaccines are coming out. The CDC wants you to get one.

Covid is on the rise again, but it’s different now

How America became a nation of gamblers

What we know about Mitch McConnell’s health and his future in the Senate

Narcan — the opioid overdose medication — will finally be available over the counter

The secret to better sex? Have it with yourself.

What could cause a malaria comeback in the US — and what could stop it

The US has new Covid-19 variants on the rise. Meet Eris and Fornax.

Medicare’s first-ever drug price negotiations, briefly explained

How to make school life a little less difficult for kids

How to handle a scary diagnosis

The risks of sex-based drug dosing recommendations

The LED light revolution has only just begun

A buzzy new study on heartburn meds and dementia doesn’t actually clarify anything

The weight loss drug Wegovy reduces serious heart disease

Half the world is at risk of dengue. Why is there no universal way to prevent it?

The vital importance of a new pill for postpartum depression

Therapy is health care. So why won’t your health insurance pay for it?

Fauci’s replacement is the person America’s STI crisis needs

What do Americans want from their food? The answers are in the Trader Joe’s recalls.

Using AI, scientists bring Neanderthal antibiotics back from extinction

Why the mosquito that spreads West Nile virus is becoming resistant to insecticides

What can caged lab monkeys tell us about free human beings?

This tick’s spit can make you allergic to meat

Is it time to be worried about Covid-19 again?

It’s time to close the gene synthesis loophole that could lead to a human-made pandemic

What could possibly cause a teen athlete’s heart to stop?

Psychedelics might revolutionize therapy. What happens if you remove the trip?

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Why you feel grouchy on super hot days

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What to do (and avoid) in extreme heat

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The invisible consequences of heat on the body and mind

The FDA approved a new preventive shot for RSV, the leading cause of US infant hospitalization

8 people have acquired malaria in the US. They’re the first in 20 years.

Will diet soda, yogurt, and cereal disappear from stores?

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