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Republished content from Grist, an outlet that focuses on sustainability and social justice, about climate, energy, and science.

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Animals to humans: be quiet already

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Pizzlies, narlugas, and other creatures from our weird changing world

A different way to die: the story of a natural burial

Down with guilt! There are much better ways to get people to care about climate change.

Climatarian, vegavore, reducetarian: why we have so many words for cutting back on meat

Are you ready for goldfish sushi?

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Senate moves closer to blocking state GMO labeling

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Is ethanol really worse than gasoline? The debate, revisited.

Opposing ethanol in Iowa used to be the touch of death. Is that still true?

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Why the words “loss and damage” are causing such a fuss at the Paris climate talks

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What’s the best way to protect forests? That’s a big question at the Paris climate talks.

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Climate change will stress out plants. These scientists think they have a solution.

How California could get smarter about droughts and flooding