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The latest news on genes and heredity, from CRISPR to DNA testing technology.

How sewage can warn us about the next pandemic

CRISPR’s co-developer on the revolutionary gene-editing technology’s past — and its future


The limits of ancestry DNA tests, explained

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Our genes affect everything from height to heart disease. What happens when we can edit them?

Genetically engineered humans will arrive sooner than you think. And we're not ready.

A Stanford scientist on the biology of human evil

Scientists are waging a war against human aging. But what happens next?

Why more people are trying to get pregnant with donated frozen embryos

My mother died of Alzheimer’s when she was 53 years old. I don’t know if I’m next.

It's been 20 years since my mother died of early onset, or younger onset, Alzheimer's disease. She was 53. I was 17. Losing her — and realizing that I, too, could develop the disease — has haunted me ever since.

The case against equality of opportunity

Here's why you get carsick — even when other people don't

Gene-testing company 23andMe is sharing its users' data with Pfizer

One of the biggest science breakthroughs of 2014 never really happened

Scientist who claimed stem-cell breakthrough resigns after misconduct scandal

Genetic testing brings families together — and sometimes tears them apart

Can you inherit experiences? Inside the weird world of epigenetics

Stem cells were one of the biggest controversies of 2001. Where are they now?

Why DNA pioneer James Watson just sold his Nobel Prize for $4.1 million

We're getting closer to a cure for blindness

There's no scientific test that can determine your age

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