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Future Perfect

Finding the best ways to do good.

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Can California show the way forward on AI safety?

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A war has never been fought in orbit. That may be about to change.

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Future Perfect, explained

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Sell lab-grown meat in Tennessee, pay a $1 million fine

How a ragtag band of internet friends became the best at forecasting world events

The death of the world’s best marathon runner is part of a troubling global trend

We have treatments for opioid addiction that work. So why is the problem getting worse?

Can effective altruism stay effective?

How a shipping error more than a century ago launched the $30 billion chicken industry

Black-footed ferrets!

Future Perfect podcast

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Can the courts save us from dangerous AI?

Should we make our most powerful AI models open source to all?

How Congress is planning to lift 400,000 kids out of poverty

From Gaza to Sudan, conflict is driving a rise in hunger worldwide

What wearing Apple’s Vision Pro headset does to our brains

We can still make a good economy much better

The US uses endangered monkeys to test drugs. This law could free them.

The Future of Meat

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You’re probably eating way too much protein

Elon Musk wants to merge humans with AI. How many brains will be damaged along the way?

Psychedelics are outperforming trauma researchers’ expectations. But why?

Why I’m glad my newborn received a false positive test for a rare genetic disorder

Why would anyone be against lifesaving malaria bednets?

Surprise! There’s a reason to be (cautiously) optimistic about the climate.

A deadly new outbreak is testing Africa’s ambitious public health efforts

 A practical guide to eating less meat

What the FAA gets right about airplane regulation

Ultraviolet light can kill almost all the viruses in a room. Why isn’t it everywhere?

America is retreating from global health leadership at the worst possible time

How political gridlock could kill the best global health program the US ever passed

When one twin goes vegan and the other doesn’t

Cocaine, cartels, and corruption: The crisis in Ecuador, explained

Do we really live in an “age of inequality”?

Thousands of AI experts are torn about what they’ve created, new study finds

Maybe, just maybe, psychedelics are the “master key” for unlocking everything from blindness to stroke to anorexia

Are flying cars finally here?

2024 is the biggest global election year in history

24 things we think will happen in 2024

The 14 predictions that came true in 2023 — and the 7 that didn’t

10 actually good things that happened in 2023

The 10 most read Future Perfect stories of 2023

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