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Future Perfect

Future Perfect

Finding the best ways to do good.

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39 years ago today, one man saved us from world-ending nuclear war

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How to stop rolling the dice on the destruction of human civilization

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Progressives have welcomed migrants. Now they need to house them

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Child poverty in the US was stagnant — and then something changed

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Tearing down the academic research paywall could come with a price

The universe is a dangerous place. NASA just showed it’s possible to defend Earth against it.

China is committing genocide. The world has no plan to stop it.

Now is the best time in human history to be alive (unless you’re a farm animal)

Queen Elizabeth II and the long 20th century


Humans finally figured out how to make it rain

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Black-footed ferrets!

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A woman poses with trays of vegan sausages at a vegan shop in Berlin, Germany.

The Future of Meat

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Why are American lives getting shorter?

Future Perfect, explained

How to eat less meat: A practical guide

Yet another inflation problem

Humanity was stagnant for millennia — then something big changed 150 years ago

Effective altruism’s most controversial idea

Mikhail Gorbachev and the lonely crusade of changing the system from within

The rise and rise of GiveDirectly

Americans keep moving to where the water isn’t

How to raise kids who give back to the world

Caring about the future doesn’t mean ignoring the present

If you’re such an effective altruist, how come you’re so rich?

Why is Meta’s new AI chatbot so bad?

Silicon Valley is wrong about the future of transportation

What could a nuclear war do to the climate — and humanity?

Meat has a big carbon footprint. The Inflation Reduction Act ignores it.

Why monkeypox is a repeat of the data mistakes made with Covid-19

New York’s polio crisis, explained

There are two factions working to prevent AI dangers. Here’s why they’re deeply divided.

How effective altruism went from a niche movement to a billion-dollar force

What can a bee feel?

Monkeypox should have been easily controllable. How did we fail so badly?

Did shark attacks eat into Woodrow Wilson’s votes in 1916?

How Gordon Ramsay’s lamb slaughter joke explains our confusing relationship with meat

Finally, an answer to the question: AI — what is it good for?

Self-compassion makes you a better person. Here’s how to practice it.

The US spends billions on foreign aid. But it doesn’t know how much good our money is doing.

Biden’s latest global infrastructure plan is all about competing with China. That’s a problem.

The great millennial migration that wasn’t

During Covid, most governments just gave people money

How Germany is kicking its meat habit