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Future Perfect

Future Perfect

Finding the best ways to do good.

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How effective altruism went from a niche movement to a billion-dollar force

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There are two factions working to prevent AI dangers. Here’s why they’re deeply divided.

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Self-compassion makes you a better person. Here’s how to practice it.


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Humans finally figured out how to make it rain

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What can a bee feel?

Monkeypox should have been easily controllable. How did we fail so badly?

Did shark attacks eat into Woodrow Wilson’s votes in 1916?

How Gordon Ramsay’s lamb slaughter joke explains our confusing relationship with meat

Finally, an answer to the question: AI — what is it good for?

The US declared victory over polio in 1979. Now, it’s here again.

How to eat less meat: A practical guide

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A woman poses with trays of vegan sausages at a vegan shop in Berlin, Germany.

The Future of Meat

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The US spends billions on foreign aid. But it doesn’t know how much good our money is doing.

Future Perfect, explained

Biden’s latest global infrastructure plan is all about competing with China. That’s a problem.

The great millennial migration that wasn’t

During Covid, most governments just gave people money

How Germany is kicking its meat habit

The return of the “worm wars”

Costco’s inflation-proof $4.99 rotisserie chicken, explained

Sri Lanka’s organic farming disaster, explained

How the pandemic screwed up our antibiotics

The world is getting better. That doesn’t mean it’s good enough.

How the Fed ended the last great American inflation — and how much it hurt

America has an innovation problem. The H-1B visa backlog is making it worse.

A needed nuclear option for climate change

The true physical and mental costs of pregnancy

When cash giving doesn’t work

Shinzo Abe wanted to make Japan a “normal country” — as he saw it

What the Supreme Court’s EPA ruling means for air pollution — and your health

We’re battling a sleep loss epidemic. California has a plan to fight it.

Under Obamacare, birth control pills are free. Why aren’t vasectomies?

Giving people cash is usually better than shipping them food

What’s the best way to help extremely poor people? After 20 years, the evidence is in.

When is an animal — or even an AI — a person?

If aliens are calling, let it go to voicemail

Does this AI know it’s alive?

How the US is failing refugees, in one chart

Stop telling kids that climate change will destroy their world

Why meat is so expensive right now

The environmental limits of eating local

What would it mean to treat guns the way we treat cars?