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Future Perfect

Future Perfect

Finding the best ways to do good.

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The doomers are wrong about humanity’s future — and its past

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The case for slowing down AI

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Your brain may not be private much longer

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Pescetarians are responsible for many more animal deaths than regular meat eaters

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The brewing war over who goes hungry in America — and how to feed them

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How will we feed Earth’s rising population? Ask the Dutch.

The Netherlands’ hyper-efficient food system is both a triumph and a cautionary tale.

Inside the Italian villa that launched some of the world’s great philanthropic programs

Why the news is so negative — and what we can do about it

We need the right kind of climate optimism

The fight against factory farming is winning criminal trials

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Against doomerism

It’s boom times for doom times but there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic that the future will be better — if we make it so.

Can society adjust at the speed of artificial intelligence?

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Humans finally figured out how to make it rain

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The Future of Meat

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Future Perfect, explained

How to eat less meat: A practical guide

Save the “massive, living, beautiful, breathing, majestic boxes of carbon” known as whales

The key to Covid’s origin lies in Beijing, not Wuhan

Why 70 percent of the world’s maternal deaths are in sub-Saharan Africa

A bioethics professor weighs in on the Last of Us finale

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The very cute, totally disturbing tale of the American “it” dog

How the quest to own the nation’s most popular, most Instagram-worthy pup has bred a world of problems.

If you’re not using ChatGPT for your writing, you’re probably making a mistake

Why even brilliant scholars misunderstand poverty in America

The Covid mask wars have left us unprepared for the next pandemic

There’s no libertarian approach to preventing the end of the world

How the first chatbot predicted the dangers of AI more than 50 years ago

We can overcome vaccine hesitancy. Just look at the HPV shot.

Elon Musk thinks we’re close to solving AI. That doesn’t make it true.

OpenAI wants to build systems smarter than us

The big, neglected problem that should be Biden’s top priority

The new scientific review on masks and Covid isn’t what you think

The other long Covid: The damage done to a generation of schoolchildren

Why effective altruism struggles on sexual misconduct

10 years ago, we were turning nuclear bombs into nuclear energy. We can do it again.

Why earthquakes are deadlier depending on where you live

A key to consciousness could lie in “perceptual diversity”

How a shipping error 100 years ago launched the $30 billion chicken industry

How to go car-free — or car-light — in Middle America

Are we racing toward AI catastrophe?

Eggs are expensive for all the wrong reasons

Climate disasters hit poor people hardest. There’s an obvious solution to that.

What should be kept off-limits in a virology lab?