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Future Perfect

Future Perfect

Finding the best ways to do good.

How you can help the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

What can the world learn from China’s “zero-Covid” lockdown?

How effective altruists ignored risk

Are we headed toward a “polycrisis”? The buzzword of the moment, explained.

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FairTax, the GOP plan for a 30 percent national sales tax, explained

Gas stoves and the problematic politics of sacrifice

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How to reform effective altruism after Sam Bankman-Fried

Yes, you can have kids and fight climate change at the same time

Adorable puppies for sale? Not at these pet stores anymore.

Operation Warp Speed was a huge success. So why is the US turning away from it?

How China came to regret its one-child policy

The biggest animal welfare crisis you’ve never heard of

Noma’s closing exposes the contradictions of fine dining

Our debt ceiling crisis could hit as early as June. Here’s how Biden can sidestep it.

Congress’s bipartisan deal to spend billions more fighting HIV and malaria abroad

Why egg prices keep going up while inflation is going down

Why is science slowing down?

Why the ozone hole is on track to be healed by mid-century

Big Meat just can’t quit antibiotics

The treaties that make the world safer are struggling

Think AI was impressive last year? Wait until you see what’s coming.

The bitter civil war dividing American veterinarians

23 things we think will happen in 2023

22 predictions we made in 2022, and the 6 we got wrong

The 15 most read Future Perfect stories of 2022

2022 was dark — but 9 stories gave us hope for the future

Why are American lives getting shorter?

The tricky business of putting a dollar value on a human life

Manchin’s permitting reform effort is dead. Biden’s climate agenda could be a casualty.

ChatGPT has given everyone a glimpse at AI’s astounding progress

The first lab-grown seafood will be fancy

How effective altruism let Sam Bankman-Fried happen

Neuralink shows what happens when you bring “move fast and break things” to animal research

I went to effective altruism’s first post-Sam Bankman-Fried conference. Here’s what I saw.

Lots of bad science still gets published. Here’s how we can change that.

How “zero-Covid” changed China — and the world

Giving Tuesday, explained

Want to help animals? Here’s where to donate your money.