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Future Perfect

Future Perfect

Finding the best ways to do good.

UFOs are real. That’s the easy part. Now here’s the hard part.

The World Health Organization broke its own rules to spend millions on BCG consultants

MacKenzie Scott gives away billions, again

How stressed out are factory-farmed animals? AI might have the answer.

The lab leak hypothesis, explained

Where’s the “Impossible Burger” of cheese?

Guaranteed income is graduating from charity to public policy

A no-beef diet is great — but only if you don’t replace it with chicken

How to supercharge vaccine production for the next pandemic

Why Covax, the fund to vaccinate the world, is struggling

The US should give away its vaccine doses. Now.

Here are the most effective ways to donate to help India

A crypto billionaire donated $1 billion to India. Make sure you include an asterisk.

We shouldn’t go back to “normal.” Normal wasn’t good enough.

The one crucial thing missing from Biden’s climate plan

A Canadian study gave $7,500 to homeless people. Here’s how they spent it.

Biden agreed to waive vaccine patents. But will that help get doses out faster?

Why getting vaccinated for Covid-19 is more popular in the UK than in the US

The book that changed how I think about thinking

The US is in danger of learning the wrong lessons from Covid-19

America is already missing its chance to prepare for the next pandemic.

Some animals are more equal than others

How the US won the economic recovery

A climate scientist explains why it’s still okay to have kids

Poorer countries might not get vaccinated until 2023

How to listen to all of Vox’s Earth Month podcasts

The new malaria vaccine is a total game changer

How Senegal stretched its health care system to stop Covid-19

Biden’s fake burger ban and the rising culture war over meat

How the UK found the first effective Covid-19 treatment — and saved a million lives

The United Kingdom is not a pandemic success story. But its massive Covid-19 trials program is.

Are our pets gobbling up the planet?

Vietnam defied the experts and sealed its border to keep Covid-19 out. It worked.

How the country has kept coronavirus deaths to just 35, and grew its economy in 2020.

Why do we care how smart animals are?

This climate policy expert is taking over Jeff Bezos’s $10 billion Earth Fund

Elon Musk’s $150 million charity spending spree

The wild frontier of animal welfare

Should humans care whether creatures live good lives, even in the forests or jungles? A group of philosophers and scientists has an unorthodox answer.

Germany contained Covid-19. Politics brought it back.

Germany was returning to normal last summer. Then Covid-19 surged.

The very cute, totally disturbing tale of the American “it” dog

How the quest to own the tiniest, most Instagram-worthy and low-maintenance pup has bred a world of problems.

How one company and way too many pigs destroyed America’s heartland

Iowa’s largest hog producer courted power and turned farming into a numbers game. Businesses like it are increasingly the norm.

Tech billionaires are staying “very, very quiet” on proposals to tax their wealth

It’s not just Big Oil. Big Meat also spends millions to crush good climate policy.