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Kelsey Piper has covered the rapid rise of meat alternatives for Vox. Ask her anything.

Piper’s work over the past year includes reporting on Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, and the rest of the fast-growing meatless meat industry

A cross section of an Impossible Burger against a jazzy purple background.
Are meat alternatives a passing fad, or here to stay?
Sarah Lawrence for Vox
Lautaro Grinspan is a journalist from Argentina whose work has been published in the Miami Herald, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and more.

Vox Future Perfect reporter Kelsey Piper writes about global problems and the new solutions that are emerging to address them. In 2019, that’s meant covering an initially niche topic that’s grown into a big, mainstream story: meatless meat.

Over the course of the past few months, Kelsey has written at length about leading plant-based meat companies Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, and their attempts to expand the market for their meatless burgers, ground beef, and sausages. She’s also examined how the meatless meat industry — buoyed by interest from bullish investors — could help alleviate some of the biggest problems associated with conventional meat production, from the cruelty it inflicts on animals to the destruction of wildlife habitat it brings about to the role it plays in climate change.

On Wednesday at 2 pm ET/11 am PT, you can join Kelsey on Reddit to ask her anything about the rise of meat alternatives, and what it could all mean for the future of protein, and the world.

Ahead of the AMA, read Kelsey’s coverage:

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