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Future Perfect

Finding the best ways to do good.

Why the future of animal welfare lies beyond the West

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9 charts to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

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At-home Covid-19 tests are getting better. Experts say: Stock up for winter.

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Two confusing questions about Covid-19 boosters, answered

Yes, plant-based meat is better for the planet

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Biden made one of the best decisions of his presidency this week

Is therapy the best way to make the world happier?

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Black-footed ferrets!

Future Perfect podcast

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How a simple solution slashed child mortality in rural Kenyan villages

Are we turning the corner on Covid-19 treatments?

One Good Thing: A documentary about Philly cops’ worst enemy becoming their DA


The chicken industry’s worker safety problem

Future Perfect, explained

Would you donate to a charity that won’t pay out for centuries?

The Future of Meat

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New technologies are promising a shortcut to enlightenment

The US is about to make the same pandemic preparedness mistake — again

Is it okay to harvest pig kidneys to save human lives?

How well can an AI mimic human ethics?

How biological detective work can reveal who engineered a virus

How you’ll know when Covid-19 has gone from “pandemic” to “endemic”

The animals that may exist in a million years, imagined by biologists

Citizen science is booming during the pandemic

The state of the plant-based food industry

Maybe losing the AI race to China isn’t such a bad idea

“It’s a moral obligation”: How a Black bioethicist makes the case for vaccination to people of color

How to develop vaccines faster before the next pandemic

Startups are betting on a psychedelic gold rush

The trillion-dollar coin scheme, explained by the guy who invented it

The WHO approval of the first malaria vaccine is a big deal

Self-driving cars: The 21st-century trolley problem

When the world actually solved an environmental crisis


Why 4 companies control the beef industry

The worst horrors of factory farming could soon be phased out in Europe

Why you’re not getting a delta-specific booster yet

How does progress happen?

Advice for a young idealist: Find a lonely cause

America’s car crash epidemic

AI’s Islamophobia problem

California is ending a rule that helped cause its housing crisis

The dubious rise of ivermectin as a Covid-19 treatment, explained

20 years, $6 trillion, 900,000 lives

America needs to decide how much Covid-19 risk it will tolerate

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