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Parenting can be a full-time job. Activists want the tax code to treat it that way.

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How can it be wrong to give to your kid’s school?

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The climate change policy with the most potential is the most neglected

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Study: Volkswagen cheated on emissions standards — and made thousands of kids sick

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Zoe Kravitz performs in the Big Little Lies school fundraiser.

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You’ve heard of lab-grown meat. Now there’s lab-grown ice cream.

Playing StarCraft? You can now compete with an undercover AI.

The war to free science

The Giving Pledge, the campaign to change billionaire philanthropy, explained

Future Perfect, explained

Want to help people in Venezuela? Your best bet might be bitcoin.

A new Trump executive order on kidneys could save thousands of lives

Tom Steyer — please, don’t run for president

AOC’s policy adviser makes the case for abolishing billionaires

How your brain invents morality

If aliens call, what should we do? Scientists want your opinion.

A math equation that predicts the end of humanity

Mississippi is forbidding grocery stores from calling veggie burgers “veggie burgers”

China is installing a secret surveillance app on tourists’ phones

Mark Zuckerberg wanted to help Newark schools. Newarkers say they weren’t heard.

How a lawsuit could reveal secrets about Silicon Valley’s favorite philanthropic loophole

George Soros and Charles Koch team up for a common cause: an end to “endless war”

Calling the cops on someone with mental illness can go terribly wrong. Here’s a better idea.

The unbearable whiteness of American charities

Is climate change an “existential threat” — or just a catastrophic one?

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Kamala Harris’s controversial record on criminal justice, explained

A guy made a deepfake app to turn photos of women into nudes. It didn’t go well.

Gavin Newsom’s biggest accomplishment as governor yet: a $1 billion cash plan for the poor

The biggest threat facing the US, according to the first Democratic debate

The Trump administration is quietly helping people get kidneys

Tiffany Cabán’s potential win in the Queens district attorney race is a huge deal

The Fed is doing something new: listening to low-income workers

Americans are terrifyingly supportive of nuking civilians in North Korea

10 years ago, “AI risk” was a joke. Now it’s a serious concern. Thank Jaan Tallinn.

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Andrew Yang will give a $12,000 basic income to a random Twitter follower

These ultra wealthy just made a surprising request to 2020 candidates: tax us more

How biohackers are trying to upgrade their brains, their bodies — and human nature

The climate crisis and the end of the golden era of food choice

Death by algorithm: the age of killer robots is closer than you think

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Cory Booker has a plan to reform the criminal justice system — without Congress

Del Taco’s meatless meat tacos: a surprise fast-food hit

The Sacklers helped cause the opioid epidemic. They’re still making excuses for it.

He co-founded Skype. Now he’s spending his fortune on stopping dangerous AI.

Dead people leave billions in their wills. How long do we have to listen to them?