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Future Perfect

Finding the best ways to do good. Made possible by The Rockefeller Foundation.

The case for raising the alcohol tax

How to do good better

California’s cap-and-trade system may be too weak to do its job

Trump signed a good law this week. Yes, really.

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For the first time, a major US utility has committed to 100% clean energy

It’s surprisingly hard to give away billions of dollars

Guns killed more people than car crashes in 2017

Future Perfect, explained

The First Step Act, Congress’s criminal justice reform bill, explained

There’s a great anti-poverty bill in the Senate. Why haven’t we heard more about it?

Scaling up good ideas is really, really hard — and we’re starting to figure out why

Marriott commits to cage-free eggs — and gives protesters vegan sandwiches to celebrate

William Barr helped establish mass incarceration. Now Trump wants him as attorney general.

Gene drives could end malaria. And they just escaped a UN ban.

The EPA is lifting greenhouse gas limits on coal power plants

2018 wasn’t a complete horror show. Here are four things that got better.

“Designer bugs”: how the next pandemic might come from a lab

A big new review of the evidence finds that prescription heroin works

Why are people still living in the western US with the constant threat of climate change?

The “why can’t we all just get along” theory of politics

Study: election reforms in Brazil might have saved children’s lives. Here’s how.

Is the CRISPR baby controversy the start of a terrifying new chapter in gene editing?

Watch how the climate could change in these US cities by 2050

Why the Ebola outbreak in DRC is so difficult to contain

Geoengineering is a last-ditch option to stall global warming — and it’s getting a first test

Climate change policy can be overwhelming. Here’s a guide to the ideas that work.

How an 18th-century priest gave us the tools to make better decisions

Jeff Bezos is donating $97 million to tackle the homelessness crisis — but opposes taxes that would help

A charity just admitted that its program wasn’t working. That’s a big deal.

I’m an environmental journalist, but I never write about overpopulation. Here’s why.

How to pick a career that counts

What made solar panels so cheap? Thank government policy.

Where will your donations do the most for animals?

CRISPR gene-edited babies have arrived, according to a Chinese scientist

Giving Tuesday 2018: news and updates

Don’t wait: the case for giving sooner rather than later

These are the charities where your money will do the most good

One of the most used criteria for judging a charity is also one of the worst

Giving Tuesday, explained

The best thing you can do to stop climate change is to vote against Republicans

Why it’s so hard to get people to care about mass suffering

America is warming fast. See how your city’s weather will be different in just one generation.

Here’s how much the winters and summers in the city closest to you may change in about 30 years.

10 ways to accelerate progress against climate change

Why disaster relief is so hard