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Future of Work

Vox’s coverage of the future of work: how we got here and what comes next.

Internal Apple letter shows employees are still fighting to work from home

Most Americans like remote work — but Democrats like it more

For women, remote work is a blessing and a curse

Remote workers are moving out of big cities — but not to the Midwest

Robots were supposed to take our jobs. Instead, they’re making them worse.

Many people don’t want to work unless it’s from home

Black women in tech make 90 cents for every dollar a white man makes

WeWork’s CEO says remote workers are less engaged. Is he right?

This Barack Obama adviser is quietly investing $250 million in startup founders of color

Your job saved money on electric bills during the pandemic. You didn’t.

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Just because you can work from home doesn’t mean you’ll be allowed to

Which jobs are heading back to the office and which can stay home varies widely.

Even WeWork is going public thanks to SPACs

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10 ways office work will never be the same

An unholy union

The pandemic could have crushed WeWork. It may have saved it instead.

The future of the office has been put on hold

Why you can’t help screwing around while working from home

For remote employees, meetings and deep work are now coupled with online shopping, soothing puzzles and video games, and an array of other distractions.

Facebook is the latest major tech company to let people work from home forever

Office work will never be the same

This is the end of the office as we know it

How coronavirus has changed US employment, in 6 charts

A coronavirus recession will mean more robots and fewer jobs

Not everyone is laying off workers because of coronavirus. These are the most in-demand jobs right now.

Working from home can make people more productive. Just not during a pandemic.

Microsoft, Google, and Zoom are trying to keep up with demand for their now free work-from-home software

10 cities captured nearly 50% of the growth in new tech jobs

How coronavirus could force the work-from-home movement

Meet the women suing America’s biggest companies over equal pay

A spate of lawsuits against giants from Google and Twitter to Nike and Goldman Sachs reveals the growing frustrations of women in pursuit of the C-suite.

90 percent of growth in high-tech jobs happened in just 5 metro areas

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How will 2020 Democrats deal with jobs eliminated by artificial intelligence?

“Knowledge workers” could be the most impacted by future automation

WeWork is reportedly in talks to hire a new CEO, and he’s a character

85 percent of WeWork’s white-collar employees don’t think Adam Neumann’s $1.7 billion exit package is fair

Leaked transcript: Read what WeWork’s new chairman told anxious employees at an all-hands meeting

Tech companies are now leasing more office space than ever

The WeWork mess, explained

Robots aren’t taking warehouse employees’ jobs, they’re making their work harder

Basic income can’t do enough to help workers displaced by technology

No one has a damn clue how many jobs will be lost to automation

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How remote work is quietly remaking our lives

Working from anywhere: the good, the bad, the lovely.