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Future of Work

Vox’s coverage of the future of work: how we got here and what comes next.

Gen Z does not dream of labor

On TikTok and online, the youngest workers are rejecting work as we know it. How will that play out IRL?

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The Amazonification of the American workforce

The e-commerce giant’s labor issues expose the complicated truth about getting what we want when we want it.

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What it would take to make us love our jobs again

Recognizing that many of us find purpose in what we do is a good start.

When your job helps the rest of America work

Why so many are giving up on child care work and what it will mean for everyone else.

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What if the future of work is exactly the same?

For many, the gains in worker pay and power during the pandemic are fading fast — if they even saw them at all.

Work is broken. Can we fix it?

Congrats! You formed a union. Now comes the hard part.

How a bunch of Starbucks baristas built a labor movement

America finally gets an Amazon union

Can TV take down the cult of the tech founder?

Nice raise. Too bad about inflation. 

The jobs Americans want

It’s harder than ever to get fired or laid off

Remote work isn’t the problem. Work is.

Why more Americans than ever are starting their own businesses 

The empty promise of instant delivery

A new era for the American worker

3 ways remote work could remake America

Office holiday parties are back and smaller than ever

Hating work is having a moment

Service workers are getting paid more than ever. It’s not enough.

Remote work is bringing the city to the suburbs

Google’s plan to cut pay for remote workers who relocate is a bad idea

The NCAA’s “Student-Athlete” is under fire – but misclassification is everywhere

The real stakes of Apple’s battle over remote work

How to make your job search suck a little less

Why everybody’s hiring but nobody’s getting hired

More Americans are taking jobs without employer benefits like health care or paid vacation

American motherhood vs. the American work ethic

Companies that make people return to the office will lose employees

Internal Apple letter shows employees are still fighting to work from home

Most Americans like remote work — but Democrats like it more

For women, remote work is a blessing and a curse

Remote workers are moving out of big cities — but not to the Midwest

Robots were supposed to take our jobs. Instead, they’re making them worse.

Many people don’t want to work unless it’s from home

Black women in tech make 90 cents for every dollar a white man makes

WeWork’s CEO says remote workers are less engaged. Is he right?

This Barack Obama adviser is quietly investing $250 million in startup founders of color

Your job saved money on electric bills during the pandemic. You didn’t.